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The application of 10kW+ laser cutting machine

Compared with the previous traditional production methods (flame cutting, plasma cutting). 10kW+ laser cutting machine has the following benefits:

1. Low processing cost, less processing process, high efficiency.

The traditional process generally includes 5 processes plus 4 times loading and unloading. While 10kW+ laser cutting can simplify the process as: plate transported into the factory, laser cutting (laser cutting + laser bevel cutting + laser drilling) 2 processes. This does not only improve the processing speed, save labor. But also greatly reduces the cost of ship manufacturing.

In addition, 10kW+ laser cutting machine holds superior advantages in dealing with thick plate processing. The speed is faster than traditional plasma cutting. And with the increase of laser power. The cutting speed of 10mm carbon steel plate will continue to increase. Similarly, with the increase of power.Tthe cutting thickness of carbon steel plate is also increasing.

2. More flexible and intelligent

Laser cutting machine with CNC system and 3D robot can help users achieve intelligent, flexible production. 10kW+ plate laser cutting machine with hydraulic lifting auxiliary loading mechanism and auto-exchange platform, can achieve flexible loading and unloading, plate fine adjustment, fast cutting to reduce non-production time. Combined with the high intelligent CNC bus system, 10kW+ laser cutting machine realizes the functions of cutting process setting change, real-time monitoring of cutting state, and whole-process detection and recording of cutting data parameters. Our Senfeng R&D engineers are continuously optimizing cutting process parameters and cutting effect.

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter
The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

And more

3. efficient and precise machining of various shapes of workpiece

Because the shape required by the hull structure is varied, the corresponding need for the 10kW+ laser cutting machine can achieve multi-angle, multi-direction cutting by its intelligent CNC cutting head. With the high intelligent numerical control system, it can process the high-quality workpiece with the cutting seam about 0.03mm, vertical cutting without hanging burrs at the bottom, so as to ensure the overall precision of the workpiece.


4. Easy to maintain, time and effort saving

The light source is the laser beam transmitted through the optical fiber. Compared with the traditional mechanical optical path, this optical fiber transmission mode is simpler, clearer and easier to maintain. With the power distribution cabinet of the 10kW+ cutting machine, it is safe, dust-proof and anti-static, which greatly saves the time, energy and maintenance cost.


With all the benefits 10kW+ laser cutting machines possess, we can see its great potential and bright future in applying in not only ship building industry, but also in other heavy industries. XTLASER, with it’s all out campaign for 10kW+, provides you the most optimum laser cutter to boost your business. Contact us!

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