fiber laser marking machine,deep engraving work on metal videos-Jill

fiber laser marking machine.

deep engraving work on metal videos.

Many customers use fiber laser marking machine.They use it to do deep engraving work.

Such as for firearm,jewelry,mould,etc.,

1.Machine watt

Firstly,If want to do deep engraving work,we suggest 50w.

Also,If budget is not enough,30w at least.

20watt can only do surface marking.


Secondly,Fiber laser marking machine can do engraving work at any metal.

Gold,brass,aluminum is easier.

However,Silver,stainless steel,carbon steel is more difficult.

So if this,we suggest higher watt.


Thirdly,Here we share some videos for your reference.



Thirdly,carbon steel:

Fourthly,firearm gun weapon

Firstly,secondly,thirdly,the last but not least.

More questions just let us know.
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