Fiber laser cutting machine has greater advantages compared to wire cutting

The latest mainstream laser cutting equipment in the development of laser technology is mainly fiber laser cutting machines, while currently CO2 laser cutting machines are mainly used for cutting thick plates, but can achieve the cutting of non-metallic materials. The former is mainly used for cutting thin metal materials, while the latter is used for thick plate cutting and non-metallic cutting (non-metallic materials are not compared here). The main characteristic of laser cutting is its fast cutting speed, known for its good cutting quality and low processing cost. Compared to traditional wire cutting, it has significant advantages. What are the specific differences? Let’s explore together.

Wire cutting: Wire cutting can only cut conductive materials, which limits its application range and requires cutting coolant during the cutting process. Therefore, some non-metallic materials, such as leather, which cannot reach the point and are afraid of water and Cutting fluid pollution, cannot realize wire cutting. Its advantage is that it can achieve one-time forming and cutting of thick plates, but its cutting edges will be relatively rough. At present, wire cutting is divided into fast wire and slow wire according to the application wire type. Fast wire uses molybdenum wire, which can achieve multiple cutting uses, while slow wire uses copper wire, which can only be used once. Of course, copper wire is much cheaper than molybdenum wire. Another fast wire device is much cheaper than the slow wire device, and the price of the slow wire device is about five to six times that of the fast wire device.

Laser cutting uses a high-energy density laser beam to irradiate and melt the cut of the cut material at high temperatures to achieve cutting. The metal material to be cut should not be too thick, otherwise the heat affected zone may be too large, and even cutting cannot be achieved. The application coverage of laser cutting is very wide, and it is only possible to cut most metals without being limited by shape. The disadvantage is that it can only cut thin plates.

Molybdenum wire is used for wire cutting, which generates high temperature when energized to cut the material being cut. It is usually used for making molds. The heat affected zone is relatively uniform and small. It can achieve the cutting of thick plates, but the cutting speed is slow and can only cut conductive materials. The application area is small, and due to the consumables, the processing cost is higher compared to laser cutting.

The two have mutual advantages and can basically complement each other. However, with the development of industrialization, the demand for large-scale production by processing enterprises is increasing, which means higher requirements for work efficiency. Therefore, high-speed, high-quality, and low-cost laser cutting technology in metal cutting is more suitable for modern production needs, while wire cutting gradually loses competitiveness in the market.

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