Latest quotation analysis of laser cutting machine prices

XT Laser Energy Laser Cutting Machine

Buying a laser cutting machine is a big deal, and there are many ways to purchase it. You can purchase it through an agent, transfer it through acquaintances, or consult the manufacturer directly. The method of directly reaching a purchase agreement with the manufacturer is relatively time-saving and worry free, suitable for most customers without channel resources. So, what is the price of a laser cutting machine? Currently, there are many laser cutting machine manufacturers in major cities, and different manufacturers have different quotations. Below is an analysis article on the latest laser cutting machine price quotations for everyone. Customers who need it, let’s take a look together!

What is the general price of laser cutting machines? Analyze based on configuration level

1. Economical laser cutting machine: Generally, it is mainly a single worktable medium and low power laser cutting machine. Taking the H530 of XT Laser as an example, this equipment is positioned in the category of economical laser cutting machines, and its price is relatively low, with a high cost-effectiveness.

Most of the laser cutting machines priced at several hundred thousand yuan are single table laser cutting machines with less diverse configurations. However, the main functions and core components will not be reduced and can meet basic processing needs. They are suitable for various small and medium-sized enterprises and customers who do not pursue quality and processing efficiency;

2. Quality type laser cutting machines: Generally, they are mainly mid to high power laser cutting machines with dual workbenches. This type of laser cutting machine has a relatively rich configuration, represented by the XT Laser W series. The various configurations of quality type laser cutting machines, including laser power, functions, cutting heads, operating systems, etc., can be selected, and they are all first-line brands with high stability coefficient and intelligent equipment, Customizable, suitable for customers who pursue processing quality;

3. Light luxury laser cutting machine: Generally, it is a high-power laser cutting machine with dual tabletop and high configuration, with the XT Laser GT series as a typical representative model; The laser cutting machine in this segment is optional in configuration and can be paired with high-quality imported spare parts. It is intelligent and suitable for customers who don’t need money;

With the application expansion of the metal material market, the number of laser cutting machine manufacturers has skyrocketed in recent years. Customers who purchase laser cutting machines always hope to purchase higher quality laser cutting machines or laser cutting machines with similar quality but lower prices at a lower price. However, in reality, some customers may think that the quotation for laser cutting machines is too expensive, while others may find it acceptable, mainly due to differences in production processes. 2. Brand research and development strength. 3. After sales service capabilities. 4. The use of raw materials varies. Due to various factors, there is currently no unified standard quotation for the price of laser cutting machines. It is necessary to configure and quote according to your needs in order to be the most accurate.