Fiber laser cutting machine market should not be without bottom line competition

XT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The normal way to sell a product is to do it well, with superior quality and price that can withstand market tests. All three should be done well, and selling the product should be a natural thing. But the current order of the fiber laser cutting machine industry is not always the same.

The current situation has reversed, and the open market has made following the trend. As a result, the fiber laser cutting machine market has become lively like mushrooms after rain, which has stimulated the fiber laser cutting machine industry to adhere to, persist in, and innovate, and has also bred price wars. Consumers have no mistakes, who doesn’t like things that are cheap and of good quality?

But the fact is either the competition between companies caused by price competition, or the deception of customers, using inferior products as substitutes. This undoubtedly brings about a vicious cycle of fiber laser cutting machines, damages the good market environment, and disrupts market order.

Can prices still be done well even if they are overpriced? 80% have a poor prognosis. Just like after the land is polluted, can you expect the food to not be polluted? This is also a daydream!

The industry really needs to restore business rationality, not so much reckless madness!

Price is a double-edged sword that can hurt both others and oneself. An irrational price war usually equates to a total loss. On the day when the industry has no money to earn, it is not far from being a dead end.

We greatly appreciate those enterprises that always adhere to their positioning, whether it is brand positioning, quality positioning, or price positioning. They are the backbone of the industry, the future and hope of the industry, and are worthy of respect.

The truly respected enterprise is not the fastest growing and expanding enterprise, nor the largest enterprise, but one that consistently adheres to creating commercial and social value, and always has its own bottom line. Its existence is a blessing for the industry, for society, and for oneself!

Therefore, adhering to the value of one’s own products, commercial value, and existence value is an important corporate and commercial bottom line.

If there are too many companies in an industry that produce waste products, many of them will die if they die, which is not worth sympathizing with. Why do we need so many garbage companies? If a product has many enterprises that produce waste products, it will be destroyed and not worth sympathizing with. Why do we need so many garbage companies?

We cannot abuse the industry because of garbage.

In the past 30 years, our economic level has been very poor, and our consumption ability has been weak. We need a large number of low-end products or even garbage products to fill the gap. At that time, the garbage industry was very developed, which is understandable; Today, our consumption power and appreciation have both increased. Producing so many junk products again is a waste of resources, a challenge to consumer tolerance, and an irresponsible attitude towards the industry and our own future!

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