3 Measures To Improve The Process Precision Of Fiber Laser Cutter-Anne

3 Measures To Improve The Process Precision Of Fiber Laser Cutter

Many people choose fiber laser cutting machine to process metal materials for its high performance. When use a fiber laser machine, it is important to improve its process precision to get a good cutting effect. Today LEIMING LASER will tell you three measures to improve its process precision.

1. Control technique of focus position

The smaller of focusing lens depth is, the smaller the spot diameter, therefore, it is very important to control the position of the focus relative to thecut material surface.

2. Cutting and punching techniques

Any kinds of thermal cutting technology, except for a few cases, we can cut start from the edge of the board, generally, we have to punch a hole through the board.

3. Nozzle design and airflow control technology

When fiber laser cutting machine cut steel, oxygen and laser beam are projected through the nozzle to the cut material, forming an airflow bundle.The basic requirement for the airflow is that the air flow into the incision should be large and the speed should be high, in order to allow sufficient oxidation to make the slit material fully exothermic, at the same time, there is enough momentum to spray the molten material out. So improve cutting process need large air flow.


These are the measures to improve the cutting precision of fiber laser cutting machine, if you want to know more knowledge about our machine, feel free to contact us.

Sales Manager:Anne Zhang