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How Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine Benefits the Automobile Industry?

Fiber laser marking machines have been applcable in a number of ways by diverse industries for many years. It is able to make the marks you require without comprising the precision and strength of laser processed products. Includes permanent serial numbers, logos, deep hallmarks, exquisite patterns and many others.

Fiber laser marking machines use a series of electric-laser light covert parts to focus light into a powerful laser. The laser helps to focus the light beam down into a fine point. The fine point can be less than a millimeter wide according to the machine. The focusing also helps to control the marking depth. Therefore even delicate products can be marked with something permanent without damaging them.

Benefits of mini fiber laser marking machine

In the past, laser marking machines tended to have large size. So materials to be marked had to be brought near to such huge machines. However, this limited the type and shape of products. But things are now changed with the introduction of advances in recent laser technology. Nowadays laser metal marking machines come in portable technology with more adaptability and versatility. It can process a wide range of products with highly focused laser beam and powerful precision. Also, these laser markers take less floor space in your workshop. And hence they can be easily stored or moved anywhere.

Fiber laser marking machines can engrave jewelry, iPhone and electronic. Also they can mark serial number, medical equipment, etc. It has also found its way in the automobile industry in China.

Automobile parts laser marking

Automobile parts laser marking for serial number and brand demonstration has greatly empowered the users to trace the identification of each part. This brought cost-saving convenience to the part replacements and maintenance work. The laser tool is a breeze of fresh air. Its use lessens the production cost and gives thorough output. It is one of the tools in the toolbox of an automotive engineer. As it is far better than the other technologies for engraving, welding, and drilling. By using this technology one can achieve accuracy, efficiency and production line security.


Due to the consistency in traceability for security reasons, accurate and uniform marks play the role of master feature for the automobile industry. Fiber laser metal marker equips automobile engineers with a powerful device.  The device is for engraving intelligent alphanumeric, data matrix codes and serial numbers on all types of material in automobile industrial chain.

Laser markings are very tough.  And they can remain after cars or materials even if they come into contact with extreme temperature, gas or oil. Tamper-proof traceability and ID to differentiate parts and materials with laser markings has an advantage over traditional marking and engraving methods. Mini laser marking machines provide high-precision markings with super quality traces on delicate surfaces. They give durable markings which are heat-resistant and durable.

Portable Laser Marking System in China is taking major steps to promote portable laser marking machines. And it is being highly profitable for the automobile industry. More information about fiber laser marking/engraving machines, please write to


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