Fiber laser advantages in metal processing industry—Tony

Fiber laser advantages in metal processing

Trends—Fiber laser

At present, a variety of industries use fiber laser technology well.,especially in the metal processing industry. So far, more and more people advocate “flexible manufacturing”. The metal parts industry is transforming from mass production to flexible small batch and diversified production methods. Laser technology is able to  adapt to a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes, especially for flexible processing quickly, and will play a central role in this transformation. At the same time, based on the high precision, high speed and high flexibility of fiber laser, the combination of automation and laser system is the development trend. Under the general trend of Industry 4.0, these combinations will become closer. Especially lately, automated cutting and welding products continue to show high-speed development. Also the application fields are more extensive.

For fiber laser processing industry, metal processing industry is one of the most important application markets. The competition in the Chinese sheet metal market has now gradually turned into competition for high-quality, high-tech products. In order to comply with the development trend of the international market, the transformation of processing technology is inevitable. Laser processing techniques and processes, including cutting, welding, marking, and cleaning, are increasingly being used in the processing of metal materials.

Reality—Fiber laser

In recent years, laser cutting has become an ideal solution for the sheet metal cutting industry. Due to its high efficiency, high energy density, non-contact processing and flexibility, and its advantages in precision, speed and efficiency. As a sophisticated machining method, laser cutting can process almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal sheets. In the field of sheet metal cutting, from micron-sized ultra-thin plates to tens of millimeters of thick plates, efficient cutting is possible. It can be said that laser cutting has set off an important technological revolution in the sheet metal processing industry.

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