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Features and Applications of Laser Tube Cutter

The rapid development of manufacturing industry has been greatly driven by market demand. It leads to the significant increase in the output and consumption of metal pipes. The processing technology of metal tube has also been rapidly improve. Especially after the application of laser tube cutter machine. As new blood into this industry.

Why laser pipe cutting machine can be recognized by the public. The reason is that it has its superior advantages compared with traditional solutions. Please read on to discover more.

1. Firstly,Flexibility

This feature is very easy to understand. By applying laser tube cutter. Any shape can be cut perfectly in any direction as per that has been programmed on software. Also, we can change the cutting shape and angle rapidly by updating the computer programming design. The high flexibility of laser pipe cutting machine provides a strong. And advantageous technical support for more and more personalized processing. Thus reducing the number of molds, which cost a fortune.

2. Secondly,Accuracy

High accuracy is another advantages that laser pipe cutter process. In addition, different materials may occur small deformation during processing, while laser pipe cutting machine can adjust the tube according to these deformation, to ensure the precision of pipe cutting. This cannot be achieved through other traditional methods.

3. High efficiency

It can realize mass production with all operations of laser tube cutting unified into the same unit as a continuous operation process, greatly reducing processing time. As the standard length of the pipe is 6 meters, using the traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping. It is labor and time consumed. But for laser processing. It can be very simple to load, unload, clamp and position pipes with 6 meter in length by install the automatic loading and unloading device. And this makes batch processing possible.

The main features of this model:

1. Firstly,Powerful cutting function: four claw self-centering chuck can cut square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe and various special-shaped pipe; The diameter and length range of the tube can be customized (diameter of standard round tube with diameter of 10~160mm and length 6000mm);

2. Secondly,Automatic double pneumatic chuck to ensure stable and efficient operation: just click on the button and it will position automatically. Pneumatic chuck speed is 3 times faster than that of the electric chuck, which reduces the time of loading and unloading; clamping force is bigger and more constant.  After clamping, the heavy-weighted tube won’t loosen or slip, which ensures the cutting accuracy;

3. Thirdly,Cost effective: it is simple structured, very easy to install and you can put it into production right away. It is also economical with low investment and low follow-up maintenance expense;

4. Morever,Simple and easy processing system, which can provide real-time feedback of the operation state to ensure the orderly production.


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