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Professional Metal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

With the maturity and rapid development of laser technology, laser cutting technology has also developed from sheet metal cutting to metal pipe cutting. The birth and application of professional metal pipe laser cutting machine have greatly improved the processing efficiency of metal pipes.The professional metal pipe laser cutter is mainly for standard metal pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes, etc.), profiles (channel steel, angle steel, etc.) and some special-shaped pipes. At present, there are many types of metal pipe laser cutting machines on the market, which can be roughly divided into two types according to the axial feeding method of the pipe.

Classification of Professional Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

1.Fixed Material Cutting Type

This type of metal tube laser cutting machine only processes fixed-length pipes. It is mostly used to process the contour of the pipe surface with constant axis and changing cross section, but it cannot process both ends of the pipe. Although the fixed material cutting type laser pipe cutter has great limitations and low production efficiency, it also occupies a large market share because of its specificity.

2. Feeding Cutting Type

This type of metal tube laser cutting machine is mainly use for the processing of coaxial pipes with the same cross-section. It can not only process various contour shapes on the surface of the pipe, but also cut according to the design length of the pipe part within the design stroke of the machine tool. Compared with the fixed material cutting type laser pipe cutting machine, the feeding cutting type laser pipe cutting machine has stronger flexibility and scalability, and the cutting efficiency is higher. It currently occupies the majority of the professional laser pipe cutting machine market.

Function of Professional Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

1.Firstly,Hole-Punching Function

With the development of laser pipe cutting machines, punching holes in pipes is no longer a function that only punching machines have. The laser pipe cutting machine can not only easily cut holes of various shapes in the pipe, but also does not need to change the mold frequently during the cutting process. The hole size accuracy is higher and the pipe is not deformed after being punched.

2.Secondly,Bevel Cutting Function

The traditional saw blade type pipe cutting machine can only cut the bevel angle between 45 degrees and 90 degrees. And it is necessary to manually push the head to the require dngle during cutting. It makes it difficult to ensure the cutting accuracy. Moreover, if the pipe is to be processed at the arc. Another machine is require to process it. The laserpipe cutting machine can cut pipes at any angle and arc. And the cutting accuracy, cutting effect. And cutting efficiency are higher.

3.Further,Etching Function

The splicing and etching processes are indispensable for the decorations process by various metal pipes in life. The laser pipe cutting machine can easily etch various patterns on the surface of the pipe, making the processing of the pipe easier.

The Development Trend of Tube Laser Cutting Machine

1. Firstly,High Precision and Efficiency

In the future, the demand for pipes will increase. And the processing requirements will also become higher and higher. Improving processing accuracy and production efficiency are necessary. They are factors for the rapid development of professional metal pipe cutting machine.

2. Secondly,Modularity

The needs of users will continue to change over time. And the modular design can add or replace related functional components in time according to user requirements. Satisfying user needs can maximize the interests of both parties.

3. Thirdly,Automation

There are already many tube laser cutting machines equip with automatic loading and unloading. The development of automation can effectively liberate labor and alleviate the problem of labor shortage in enterprises.

4. Morever,Intelligent

With the popularization of the “Industry 4.0” concept and the maturity of 5G technology. Metal tube laser cutting machine will surely be fully automated. That is, it integrates information collection, order placement, feeding, loading, pipe identification, length measurement, automatic calling program cutting, feeding, palletizing and shipping, and finally realizes intelligence.