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Precautions for Laser cutting machine maintenance

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Precautions for Laser cutting machine maintenance
There are many things to pay attention to when using a laser cutting machine.
So how should you use the maintenance of the laser cutting machine in summer?
Today XT LASER will share with you:
Firstly,  Arc light burns of laser cutting machine
Although the cutting thickness of the desktop CNC cutting machine is not very large, and the relative plasma power supply is mainly small and medium-size power supply,
in the actual processing and production, there is still inevitable arc burning damage,and improper protection can also cause electro-optic eye inflammation.
Therefore, corresponding protective measures must be take according to different operating methods.
If you focus on the sun-shading equipment for tabletop oxygen plasma cutting, the operator needs to wear goggles, and the color can be select according to each person’s vision.
Secondly,  Prevent high-temperature metal or arc burns during normal operation
Skin should not be directly expose to arc light to prevent arc light burns.
In addition, during air plasma cutting, high-temperature slag or molten metal sputtering maybe forme within a certain cutting range.
These high-temperature substances will not only burn the skin, but may also cause burns and other accidents.
Therefore, when operating the fiber laser cutting machine, pay attention to the distance between the operator and the equipment,
and it is recommend that non-operators do not enter the equipment operation area.
In addition, it is strictly forbidden to touch slits, strips or wires under high temperature during operation.

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