Maintenance of air compressor – Caesar

1. Perform startup inspection daily or before each operation. Operate for 200-500 hours to clean the radiator, remove the air filter element and the front filter screen for cleaning, and purge them from the inside out with low pressure compressed air. 2. Open the air storage tank drain valve of the equipment every day to empty the internal water. 3. Regularly manually check whether the air compressor, cold dryer and precision filter automatic blowdown valve work well. 4. 500-3000 hours of operation: 4-1. It is recommended to change the oil when the new machine runs for 500 hours (it is necessary to change the oil according to the customer’s use environment); The oil should be changed every 3000 hours. As shown in the figure: The position of the oil drain is marked in red, and the marked area in blue is the oil filling port. After adding the oil, you can see the oil level on the marked green oil mirror. The highest oil level is the full screen of the oil mirror. (When the machine stops, the oil level can be above 2/3)

4-2. Run for 500 hours requires first protection. Replace one oil filter marked in red, and the air filter marked in green shall be replaced according to the use of the filter element. 4-3.500 hours for the first maintenance of the new machine, and 3,000-3,500 hours for the later maintenance. There is a preset maintenance time inside the machine, and the display screen will warn you when it expires. At the same time, the panel red fault light will be on, and accompanied by “didi” warning sound. The maintenance content to be done after the warning is to replace the corresponding consumables: Air filter one (green) One oil filter (red) Oil separator core one (blue) consumable One drum of lubricating oil (10L) The primary filter element and the three precision filter elements in the picture on the right need to be replaced at the same time. It is suggested that the replacement time should be 3000 hours (it can be extended according to the working condition of laser cutting air source).