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How to delay fiber laser cutting machine aging speed

Fiber laser cutting machines help users increase production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce production costs, reduce material waste, and accelerate new product development cycles.

Fiber laser cutting machines have become one of the core processing tools in the industry. However, the machine also suffers from aging and high energy exhaustion. If properly maintained, the life and effectiveness of the equipment will increase significantly. So how do we delay the aging speed of optical laser cutting machines?

Laser selection and maintenance

We all know that lasers directly affect the overall performance of fiber laser cutting machines. Therefore, if the quality of the laser itself is problematic, or there is a problem such as aging, the aging of the fiber cutting device is inevitably accelerated. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a laser. In addition, it is especially important to enhance the maintenance of the laser. After working for a while, the power of the laser will inevitably decrease. Therefore, we need to carry out maintenance work on weekdays and try to maintain the standard of laser function.

Environmental problems of fiber laser cutting machines

The environment in which a fiber laser cutting machine is used, such as temperature, dust, etc., will affect the life of the cutting machine. Temperature has certain requirements. Excessive ambient temperatures can cause damage to air lines and cables, resulting in damage and air leaks. Therefore, controlling ambient temperature is one of the key factors in delaying tool life. In addition, a large amount of metal dust is generated during the cutting process. These metal dusts and dust in the air adhere to the fiber cutting device, which increases the wear between the various components of the device. In addition to the attached dust, it also affects the transmittance of the focusing lens, which indirectly affects the cutting precision of the fiber laser cutting machine.


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