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How to choose laser marking machine for jewelry industry?

We have many clients who do jewelry business.And they all feedback marking machines have greatly improved their work efficiency. So in this article, we will introduce how to choose suitable laser marking machine for jewelry industry.

1.About laser source power.

Almost of our clients choose 30w and 50w .30w can cut max 0.7mm silver and 1mm gold. While 50w can cut max 1mm silver and 1.5mm gold. But if want to good results,within 1mm will better. Also we recommend you 50w as the cutting speed!

2.About laser cutting machine type.

We recommend you choose the mini fiber laser marking machine. It is easy to transport and save more space.Here is the details for your reference.

Model mini fiber laser marking machine
laser source Raycus
Laser power 50w
Marking scope 110*110mm
Computer(included) lenovo laptop
Software(included) Original Ezcad
Size 61cm*43cm*62cm
FOB Qingdao Price 7800USD

3.About rotary

Most of our jewelry choose the rotary to marking on ring and bracelet.It is easy to operate. .Here is the rotary video.

4.About fixed device for jewelry

In order to prevent the gold and silver plate from deforming during the cutting process, many of our customers will choose fixed device for jewelry.

Here is the device  working video.

Youtube link:

5.About smoke purify machine

Powder is produced during the cutting process. In order to collect the powder, many customers choose a smoking machine to avoid pollution.Here is the machine working video for your reference.

Youtube link:


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