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It’s time to buy a laser welder

Here are 10 reasons jewelers need a workshop laser welder

jewelry laser welding machine

  1. Fix Platinum porosity

    Found a small hole in that ring during final polish and the customer is arriving in an hour? No problem, fill with platinum wire and laser spot weld for an invisible repair.

  2. Size Platinum rings

    Need an invisible ring sizing in platinum? Laser welding is stronger than solder and you never can see the join if you do it by laser welding.

  3. Re-tip worn prongs without tears

    Problem with a multi-stone ring which needs re-tipping? No need to unset everything – leave the other stones in place while you build up the prongs with laser.

  4. Repair antique silver pieces

    Antique silver wearing thin? Easily fill with silver solder wire and laser welding to repair antique silver without loss of patina.

  5. Tack silver pieces for soldering

    Fed up with binding wire? A laser tack weld will hold items together and allows perfect pre-alignment in seconds – the laser weld will withstand solder temperatures without moving and allowing you to flow solder freely.

  6. Fill personalised engraving

    Personalised engraving may have sentimental value, but what to do when it becomes out of date? Fill perfectly with wire of the same material and laser welding, then re-engrave if you need to.

  7. Create stunning commissions

    Laser welding enhances creativity – if you can see it you can weld it, and low heat input allows stunning results and eye-catching designs.

  8. Repair Titanium and stainless steel

    Struggle to weld or repair items in titanium or stainless steel? With laser welding you can weld any metal as long as the metallurgy is suited to welding.

  9. Economic repair of costume jewellery

    Not worth economic repair, or made from a poor quality material? Even costume jewellery can be repaired and filler wires suitable for welding all metals are available.

  10. Join finest wires

    Laser welding is so fine you can join wires as small as 0.01 mm in diameter with ease. Using a microscope you can be confident that the weld will be perfectly positioned.

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