What are the Most Common Issues with Cheap Laser Engraving Machines?-lisa

What are the Most Common Issues with Cheap Laser Engraving Machines?-lisa

Any item that sells with a big price range usually has a corresponding quality range associated with it. And when you purchase a cheap laser engraver for a few hundred dollars, you have to expect that it won’t be long before things start to break down. Here are some of most common complaints we heard about cheap laser engraving machines.

Laser Doesn’t Cut Some Materials 

– Smaller and cheaper laser engraving machines use smaller and cheaper lasers. And it’s obvious that a less powerful laser is less effective at engraving. Still, many cheap laser engravers don’t live up to the standards they advertise. Just because a company says that their laser can cut through materials that are 1/2-inch thick, doesn’t mean it can cut through any material with this thickness. Materials like acrylic and soft lumber may work great, but plywood and MDF which contain glue could prove a challenge for a weak laser.

Laser Not Powerful Enough

– Cheap laser cutters frequently advertise the wattage of the laser they use, with figures ranging from 100W down to 50W or even less. Sneaky companies may advertise “1500mW” instead of “1.5W”, using the larger figure to make it seem like the laser is more powerful. If you’re primarily using paper as a material, a 1.5W laser might work, but it won’t work for much else. We’ve also heard stories of 50W lasers that really only output 32W of power – you’d be lucky to slice a loaf of bread with that.

Laser Produces Excessive Scorching 

– Laser engraving is essentially burning the surface of the material. It produces a lot of heat and debris, which can leave the surface of your materials with undesirable and unsightly scorch marks. By focusing a stream of compressed air where the laser meets the material, quality engraving machines achieve smoother cuts, fewer smoke deposits and less scorching, but this feature is almost never present in cheap engraving machines. As a result, it’s difficult to get quality engraving done on wood, acrylic, or paper with a cheap machine.

Software Incompatible with Life

– Every artist, whether they be a painter, sculptor, or graphic designer, is naturally limited by their medium. If you’re producing incredible designs in CAD or Adobe Illustrator. You may be surprised to find that your cheap new laser engraving systems comes with its own much simpler design software. That leaves you with two options: either you can learn to use a simpler. And less feature-rich version of the design software you know and love. Or you can try to import your existing designs into this application you’ve never heard of. In hopes that the engraving machine software can figure out what to do with it. Either way, you’re jumping through hoops and potentially losing the opportunity to produce your best work.

Laser Engraver Breaks Constantly

– If you’re spending under $1000 on a laser engraving machine, you need to understand the important features that are missing,. Many of the important components will be cheaply sourced, poorly made and prone to damage. Unless you’re a skilled technician, you’ll find it near impossible to figure out what broken. Whether you can fix it, and what steps are required. Be prepared to open your wallet again for repairs.. Or to park the machine in the attic with the rest of your junk.

Fiber laser marking on plastic seals-Wendy

Fiber laser marking on plastic seals

Following is the introduction of fiber laser marking on plastic seals.

Now i would like to introduce you our newest model of laser engraving machine in 2019.

It equips with newest laser technology and advanced screen. It will extend the using life of laser machine.  And it will become easier to control.

Excellent beam quality

The optical fiber laser uses the medium mixed yb double-clad fiber with resonant cavity length.

So the beam quality is very good. And M2 value is 1.1. The output flare diameter can achieve 10 microns.

Excellent beam quality can ensure that optical fiber laser marking machine can get in a variety of material satisfying marking effects.

Meanwhile it is widely applied in most metal marking industries (such as brass, titanium, steel, iron, aluminum and so on)

and non metal materials like cloth, fabric, PVC, MDF, leather, acrylic, plastic and etc.

Laser long service life

Optical fiber laser marking machine use 1064 nm laser diode. So its average working hours can up to 100000 hours.

Small and exquisite Volume , applicable in the bad environment

Optical fiber surface area/volume ratio is high. And it is also good cooling effect. Meanwhile it does not need huge water cooling system and just simple air cooling.

So it can be running in bad conditions, such as high impact, high vibration, high temperature, dirt under the conditions of the normal operation.

Free maintenance operation

Optical fiber laser does not need for any maintenance (not including adjust or clean lens)

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How to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine?-lisa

How to improve the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine?

laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is mostly used for marking plastic and rubber, metal, silicon wafer and other materials. Laser marking is not only a major factor in recent years Laser marking. As a new processing method,with the advantages of accuracy, rapidity, simplicity of operation, high degree of automation, etc. In sheet metal processing, advertising production, etc. Lighting hardware, auto parts and other industries have been widely used. because

The purpose of the optical fiber laser marking machine is to bring higher production efficiency. And create higher value to the enterprise, so how to improve the marking speed of the  fiber laser marking machine? Next, let’s take a look at it:

  1. If the marking density is the same size, same light spot, same depth, the higher the marking density is. The slower the marking speed is, the more the density increases the marking area.
  2. . The main factors affecting the optical fiber laser marking machine are internal factors and workpiece processing factors. The main internal factors are laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power, reasonable auxiliary gas and matter in optical shaping process. Internal factors mainly in the early model selection attention, should follow the advice of laser engineers to purchase. Another factor needs noticing when the customer processes, mainly marking density, marking format, marking depth and laser spot size. as soon as
  3.  The smaller the laser spot size, the smaller the marking volume; the larger the spot, the faster the speed. Moreover, the smaller the laser spot size, the finer the line width is, the more clear and small characters can be mark.
  4.  According to the demand, if the depth of marking is deep, should adjust the parameters of the optical fiber laser marking machine. And should increase the power and current of the optical fiber laser marking machine. So will affect the marking speed in these processes.

  5. The larger the size of the marking, the larger the deflection angle of the laser marking mirror and the larger the trajectory of the pattern. Therefore, the larger the marking size, the greater the deflection angle of the laser marking mirror and the movement track of the pattern. In the case of recording speed, the marking speed of large format is longer than that of small format. These are the techniques to improve the marking speed of the optical fiber laser marking machine. According to the requirements, should adjust the parameters of the optical fiber laser marking machine. And the filling density, marking speed, laser frequency, laser power and other factors of the fiber laser marking machine should be adjusted. also

    Therefore, the above parameters will affect the final effect of the marker during these processes. Hope that customers can follow these laws, reasonable speed of marking, create higher economic benefits.

CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine-Anne

CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine

Classification of marking machines

Co2 machine according to different laser divide into imported metal tube laser marking machine and domestic glass tube laser marking machine

The laser wavelength of CO2 laser marking machine is 10.64um. CO2 laser, 10.64field mirror, 10.64 beam expander, so CO2 laser power supply, scanning vibroscope, control computer, laser control card compos to co2 laser marking machine. Laser control software, laser frame, laser circulating water system, circuit control system and other components.

The difference between CO2 laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine There are:

1. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine mainly for non-metallic materials, such as plastic, glass and so on, but after a period of time, need to inflate (carbon dioxide gas).

metal and non-metallic materials make Optical fiber laser marking machines.

In simple terms,so they combine the functions of carbon dioxide laser marking machines and semiconductor laser marking machines,

and the speed is more than three times that of semiconductors. There is no need to change accessories for 100,000 hours. laser marking equipment with High-power, high-brightness, high-precision .

laser marking machine

2. The price of carbon dioxide laser marking machine is relatively low.

The price level of domestic products is about 2 to 40, 000 But one limitation of carbon dioxide laser marking machines is that they can only be marked on non-metallic items.

The basic price of the optical fiber laser marking machine is between 3 and 14 thousand.

power level of the fiber laser that you need depend on different price.

Now, so the optical fiber laser marking machine is the most popular in the laser marking machine market.

Because of its high power, high brightness, the price and semiconductor can not be much different,so many people in semiconductor laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine, so more choice of optical fiber laser marking machine.Carbon dioxide co2 RF tube is very stable, maintenance-free, forward * frequency The service life of the tube is generally longer, in about 7 years, the author sees that most of the customers who use the new V30 feedback, its machine uses about 7 years laser does not need to inflate, the longest use of 9 years without inflation.

What about the service life of domestic RF tubes?

the author saw that many domestic RF tube manufacturers said that their quality assurance of RF tubes was one and a half years, and that there was also a lot of customer feedback.

The power of domestic carbon dioxide co2 RF tube will decrease obviously in more than 2 years.

The author conjectures that the non-inflatable operation time of domestic carbon dioxide co2 RF tube is 3-4 years.

But since the RF tube is inflatable, it can continue to be used. so It can be expected that, plus inflatable into the frequency tube 8-10 years of use is no problem, domestic RF tube plus inflation should be able to use 4-5 years.

Hope  this information is helpful for you.

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What’s the difference between Co2 galvanometer VS Co2 CNC Machine?-lisa

What’s the difference between Co2 galvanometer VS Co2 CNC Machine?-lisa

At the time of engraving non-metal materials like wood, acrylic, paperboard, leather, denim, and other materials. The CO2 laser technology is the most common option. However, this technology divided into two different types of machines, one is the CO2 laser galvanometer technology. And the other is the CO2 laser CNC technology. We are going to explain what is the main difference,

The outlook is different


Both machines use a glass tube or metal tube as the power source. when we take a look at these machines indeed their main structure is different. The Galvanometer CO2 laser has the laser tube right behind the head, while the CNC laser has the tube back of the main structure.

The structure plays an important role when we want to cut material

When we want to cut materials with CO2 laser machines, we need to get the laser been close as we can to the material. Its here one of the big difference between these two technology’s,  the laser CNC have a gantry system inside that allow moves the laser head through stepper motors. Then the laser path across through 3 mirrors and 1 lens, and it’s the lens in the laser head the one that can give the capacity of cut materials because this one is close to the material.

The galvanometer CO2 Laser can’t cut thick materials

Because the laser head is far away to the material, this machine cannot cut must of the hard materials such as wood or acrylic. While a CNC laser has a head just 3 CM away to the material, the galvanometer head is 25 to a 50CM distance to the material.

What can it cut ?

Even if the galvanometer head has a significant distance with the material. This laser can cut very light materials, such as paper, paperboard, leather, denim, garments and other light materials. Check in the following link the materials it can cut and engrave.

With higher speed

One of the most significant differences is the speed. while the CNC CO2 laser machines use stepper motors to move the whole structure. And the laser head. The laser galvanometer head uses two small servo motors that run the mirrors inside the head, giving high accuracy and high speed at the time to engrave or cut.

High speed engraving and cutting      

Low speed engraving and cutting

The CO2 galvanometer head it can engrave 5 to 6 times faster than the fastest CNC laser Co2 machines. It gives the advantage of cut thing materials and mark materials at high speed


Fiber laser marking machines mark PCB-Sophia

Fiber laser marking machines mark PCB

PCBs (printed circuit boards) are ubiquitous in electronic technology. Their convenient size, light weight and good strength make it possible to construct a more compact circuit.

In addition, modern multi-layer boards offer the opportunity to connect very small elements and create many complex connections between them. In such a large market, marking PCBs is very important for identifying specific products and elements. Primarily, alphanumeric information needs to be stored. But the barcode and ID matrix markers are now used to store more data.

Laser marking of PCBs is an efficient and reliable process that does not involve chemicals or any consumable materials and is a completely contactless process. This makes the method cost effective and attractive for industrial manufacturing solutions.

Then process relies on changing the surface properties of the PCB material under laser radiation and is not only very fast compared to alternative methods. But is also easy to repeat regardless of the amount of data.

High quality marking can be achieved with our fiber lasers without damaging the PCB substrate. Cost-effective, high-quality results can be achieved on a variety of PCB materials through the use of high-speed galvanometer scanners and electronic control of time-pulse shapes.

Fiber laser metal marking operation-XT Laser Wendy

Fiber laser metal marking operation

Fiber laser metal marking operation.

Operating of fiber laser marking machine

Firstly,Laser marking machine is one kind of professional laser marking equipment. Which integrate light, machine, electricity, independent research and development and production.The key components are importing.Our machine with advantages of novel style, unique structure, convenient operation, high frequency modulation, high marking speed and precision, stable performance.It is in all kinds of metallic and nonmetallic surface for permanent marker.

It is in electronic、plastic、packaging、construction material、light-fixture、cosmetics and so on,also consumable free,non-toxic,non-pollution.

Secondly,Laser marking machine is using the most advanced laser technology,optical fiber as medium,through absorbing or releasing energy from the laser.The galvanometer changing track and lens focus on the work piece surface.In accordance with the system pre-install path in work piece surface movement which in the process of evaporation vaporization,exposing deep mark.

Thirdly,Laser marking machine as possible as in the environment of clean. 10 ℃-35 ℃, and keep the optical device dry, clean. Usually need an separate close workshop, to assure indoor constant temperature. The ground need floor lacquer or ceramic tile, installation of air conditioner.

The customer shall provide the support of at least 1500 W power single-phase ac power supply, the main power cord of our equipment should install in a air switch to do protection, it is strictly prohibit to use triangle plugs.

The customer provide the main power supply must be with ground, it is strictly prohibit virtual connection.

First,Connect the all power supply lines for the main engine.

Second,Open the computer.

Third,Open red spot power button.

Finally,Open scanner power button,and open laser power button.

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How it Works: Co2 Laser Cutters-Bunny

The C02 laser is one of the earliest gas lasers. Developed by Kumar Patel in 1964, it is still one of the most useful lasers today. With its high power and levels of control, C02 lasers can use for applications requiring precision, mass production and most improtantly, personalization. C02 laser engravers and cutters are highly precise and can use to create designs, decorations, and the like on just about any material you can think of, including wood, plastic, metal, and paper to name a few.

So, How does a C02 Laser Work?

Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty. There is a lot of magic (and science!) involve in this tool that will give your business the capability to transform any object into a prized posession.

In a C02 laser cutter, light is produced when electricity runs through a gas-filled tube with mirrors at both ends. One mirror is fully reflective while the other one lets some light come through. These mirrors guide the laser beam into the material that is to be cut. The gas is typically a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium.

Any light produced by C02 lasers extreme powerful compared to normal light. This is because of the mirrors that bookend the tube of gases. These mirrors reflect most of the light traveling through the tube and cause the light waves to build in intensity. The light only passes through the partially reflective mirror when it becomes bright enough.

Since the light from a laser is infrared, it is invisible to the human eye. It also has a very long wavelength. It can cut a variety of materials, including cloth, wood, metal, glass, and paper. The intense heat from this light vaporizes the material that is going to cut, leaving an accurate, smooth finish.

Depeneing on the look you go for on your material and what material you are cutting or engraving, the speed and power settings can be decreased and increased. Testing your material beforehand is a good practice and will get you closer to perfect results, every time.

The Advantages of C02 Laser Cutters

There are several benefits to using a C02 laser cutter.

  • Non-Contact Process – The beam doesn’t physically touch the material it is working with; instead, it causes the material to melt through intense heat. This causes minimal damage to the material and the machine.
  • Low Power Consumption – Laser cutter machines have low maintenance costs and only need inexpensive replacement parts.
  • A Safer Method – Laser cutting is much safer than other forms of cutting since it doesn’t use a blade. The beam itself seale in a tight little light box.
  • Incredible Precision – Lasers produce highly accurate and precise cuttings that have clean cuts and a smooth finish.
  • Many Applications – Laser cutting not just for manufacturing processes – it can also use in the medical sector, as well as in the arts.

C02 laser cutters provide one of the most advantageous forms of cutting available today. When you need something cut precisely, or add high detailed artwork to different substrates  you should consider using a laser cutting machine.

The difference between fiber and CO2 laser marking machine-Teresa

The difference between fiber and CO2 laser marking machine

First, this text mainly tell you the difference between fiber and Co2 laser marking machine. The difference between

the fiber and CO2 laser marking machine,  mainly exists in the wavelength and laser source. Most clients will ask this question.

The wavelength

Many clients, especially those new-challenger of this field, will always wonder the difference of the fiber and CO2 laser marking machine .  Actually, the biggest difference between fiber laser and CO2 laser marking machine is the wavelength. The fiber laser marking machine’s wavelength is 1064 nm. But the CO2 laser marking machine’s wavelength is 10.64 um.

This is why fiber laser marking machine could mark onto all metals and some plastics. But CO2 laser marking machine could

only work with non-metals.

The laser source

There is also another between the fiber and CO2 laser marking machine. The fiber laser marking machine use Raycus as its laser sourse. The CO2 laser machine use the Synrad as its laser source.

But all in all, these machines has the following after sale  service.

After sales Service

1. our service is available to each customer. And if any technical questions or problems, our engineers will help you .and give you solutions on the phone. or by face-to-face communication online.

2.Two-year warranty is provided.

3.Also the Professional staff for installation and training if needed.

4.And the spare parts are supplying on time. or doing some inventory if promising certain sales volume.

5.Faster delivery, we will support our sole agent to do the stock if good sales. then more convenient and helpful.

6.If the sales are good, we will arrange some famous exhibition fairs in the local or surroundings. and give our full support to our agents at the fair. We will provide our sample machines, catalog, DVD, manuals, etc. All native customers belong to our local agent. which is our basic rule. And we promise the final delivery is the same as displayed

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