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Fiber laser metal marking operation

Fiber laser metal marking operation.

Operating of fiber laser marking machine

Firstly,Laser marking machine is one kind of professional laser marking equipment. Which integrate light, machine, electricity, independent research and development and production.The key components are importing.Our machine with advantages of novel style, unique structure, convenient operation, high frequency modulation, high marking speed and precision, stable performance.It is in all kinds of metallic and nonmetallic surface for permanent marker.

It is in electronic、plastic、packaging、construction material、light-fixture、cosmetics and so on,also consumable free,non-toxic,non-pollution.

Secondly,Laser marking machine is using the most advanced laser technology,optical fiber as medium,through absorbing or releasing energy from the laser.The galvanometer changing track and lens focus on the work piece surface.In accordance with the system pre-install path in work piece surface movement which in the process of evaporation vaporization,exposing deep mark.

Thirdly,Laser marking machine as possible as in the environment of clean. 10 ℃-35 ℃, and keep the optical device dry, clean. Usually need an separate close workshop, to assure indoor constant temperature. The ground need floor lacquer or ceramic tile, installation of air conditioner.

The customer shall provide the support of at least 1500 W power single-phase ac power supply, the main power cord of our equipment should install in a air switch to do protection, it is strictly prohibit to use triangle plugs.

The customer provide the main power supply must be with ground, it is strictly prohibit virtual connection.

First,Connect the all power supply lines for the main engine.

Second,Open the computer.

Third,Open red spot power button.

Finally,Open scanner power button,and open laser power button.

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