What’s the difference between Co2 galvanometer VS Co2 CNC Machine?-lisa | XTLASER

What’s the difference between Co2 galvanometer VS Co2 CNC Machine?-lisa

What’s the difference between Co2 galvanometer VS Co2 CNC Machine?-lisa

At the time of engraving non-metal materials like wood, acrylic, paperboard, leather, denim, and other materials. The CO2 laser technology is the most common option. However, this technology divided into two different types of machines, one is the CO2 laser galvanometer technology. And the other is the CO2 laser CNC technology. We are going to explain what is the main difference,

The outlook is different


Both machines use a glass tube or metal tube as the power source. when we take a look at these machines indeed their main structure is different. The Galvanometer CO2 laser has the laser tube right behind the head, while the CNC laser has the tube back of the main structure.

The structure plays an important role when we want to cut material

When we want to cut materials with CO2 laser machines, we need to get the laser been close as we can to the material. Its here one of the big difference between these two technology’s,  the laser CNC have a gantry system inside that allow moves the laser head through stepper motors. Then the laser path across through 3 mirrors and 1 lens, and it’s the lens in the laser head the one that can give the capacity of cut materials because this one is close to the material.

The galvanometer CO2 Laser can’t cut thick materials

Because the laser head is far away to the material, this machine cannot cut must of the hard materials such as wood or acrylic. While a CNC laser has a head just 3 CM away to the material, the galvanometer head is 25 to a 50CM distance to the material.

What can it cut ?

Even if the galvanometer head has a significant distance with the material. This laser can cut very light materials, such as paper, paperboard, leather, denim, garments and other light materials. Check in the following link the materials it can cut and engrave.

With higher speed

One of the most significant differences is the speed. while the CNC CO2 laser machines use stepper motors to move the whole structure. And the laser head. The laser galvanometer head uses two small servo motors that run the mirrors inside the head, giving high accuracy and high speed at the time to engrave or cut.

High speed engraving and cutting      

Low speed engraving and cutting

The CO2 galvanometer head it can engrave 5 to 6 times faster than the fastest CNC laser Co2 machines. It gives the advantage of cut thing materials and mark materials at high speed