Advantages of fiber laser in thin plate cutting  – Amy Liu

Advantages of fiber laser in thin plate cutting

The automation in electrical machinery, automobile, railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other industries have a lot of advance, laser welding technology  applied everywwhere. goodness of fiber laser is too much,but why it can only cut so thin?Let’s decrypt the thin thickness of fiber laser. 

At present, there are three types lasers in the market: optical fiber, pulsed Nd:YAG and CO2 laser source.  These three types welding equipment obtain enough development space, in high-power processing have been reused.  But viser vasa.


The thin materials is a super fine technical 

I has higher requirements for laser beam: energy spot, small laser cutting deformation and flexibility, otherwise it will produce virtual cutting or burning through situation.  And fiber lasers have these advantages. 


The resulting solder spot is very small.  because it is a continuous wave laser, it can meet the high power density required  in batch and continuous welding process.  In  aeronautics and astronautics field, it requires high lightness, thin plate fiber laser welding  own more advantages ,and  become the  aeronautics research’s focus.  Related projects maturite and technologies, fiber laser welding applications, become more and more widely.  


Cooling requirements for  thin plates  


Don’t look at this fiber laser processing fine, in fact, it is not “hypocritical”, very good maintenance.  As long as it is operated and used correctly, its life is very long.  Among them, the selection key of laser water chiller .  First, the laser chiller has to have enough cooling capacity, and then it has to be stable.  In addition, water quality will also affect the laser (optional ion filter to solve.)

XTLASER work in laser cooling for 17 years.  Through years , technological innovation, the company develop advanced production equipment, such as fiber laser cutting machine, welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine and so on. The company realized independent mechanical processing.  From parts procurement to factory packaging delivery, layer upon layer checks, strict requirements.  Because  this, gradually develop into the industry standard, our company gradually advance to modern machinery automation, in line with The Times, develop into a high-tech, efficient, high-quality modern high-tech enterprises.  At present,  won millions of domestic and foreign users recognition!  


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