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Running cost of laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine

Running cost of laser cutting machine
 This machine has become very popular in most metal cutting factories. A few years ago, only some large metal cutting plants used fiber laser cutting machines because they were very expensive machines.
In recent years, more and more small factories use fiber laser cutting machines to replace old cutting tools. Since the cost of the machine is much lower, it may only be 30% to 60%. In addition, the operating cost of the fiber laser cutting machine is the lowest.
Of course, although the operating cost of the fiber laser cutting machine is very low, this does not mean that there are no wearing parts.
Fiber laser cutting machine consumables
1. Electricity
All machines need power. The total power cost of the laser cutting machine consists of three parts, including the laser source, the chiller and the servo motor.
1000w laser cutting machine for reference.
The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser is 25%, which is the highest among all laser machines. The cost of a 1kw laser source is 4kw/h. The chiller of 1000w fiber laser machine needs to use 3kw/h. The total demand for servo motors and machine tool parts is about 4kw/h. Therefore, if a 1kw laser machine runs at full power, its electricity cost is about 11kw/h. In fact, the actual cost of a machine uses only 60% of its power, because these components are not always running. In this case, its actual cost is about 6.6kw/h. But the power cost of a 1000w carbon dioxide laser cutting machine will be several times that of the original.
2. Auxiliary gas
Usually we use O2 gas when cutting mild steel, while N2 gas is used in other materials (such as stainless steel, aluminum and brass). For example, when we cut 1mm stainless steel, it needs about 12kg/hour N2. When we cut 5mm mild steel, it takes about 9kg/hour.
3. Fast-wearing parts
The fast wearing parts of the fiber laser cutting machine are all located on the laser cutting machine, including the protective mirror, focusing mirror, nozzle and ceramic ring. The service life of the protective glasses and nozzles is about 1 month/piece. The service life of the focusing lens is about 3 months/piece. The life of the ceramic ring is about 1 year or more.
In addition to the above parts, the fiber laser cutting machine has almost no other consumables. Compared with other cutting tools, its cost is very very low. Therefore, more and more people choose fiber laser cutting machines with falling prices.

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