Brief description of laser processing –XTLASER Amy Liu

Brief description of laser processing –XTLASER Amy LiuPrinciple Features Advantage


Principle Features Advantage Principle Features Advantage

How about the laser processing in the future,Let’s know the brief description of laser –XTLASER want to say something– Amy Liu


Laser processing uses the light energy  to achieve a high energy  ,  at the focal point after being focused by a lens,  Laserdoes not require tools, the processing speed is fast,  the surface deformation is small,  and various materials can be processed. For principle, It use laser beam to perform various processing on materials, such as drilling, cutting,  dicing, welding, heat treatment, etc. At this time,  smart radiation will be generated and a large amount of light energy will be output.


From the perspective of the use fields of global laser products, the material way industry is still its main way market, accounting for 35.2%; the chatting industry ranks second, with a people of 30.6%; in addition, the data storage industry has the third place , Its share is 12.6%.what‘’s the spot?

1. The laser power density is large, and the TM of the work piece rises rapidly after absorbing the laser and melts.

2. The laser head is not in contact with the work piece, and there is no problem of tool wear;

3. The work piece is not subject to stress ,and is not easy to be polluted;

4. It can process the moving work piece or the material sealed in the glass shell;

5. The divergence angle of the laser beam can be less than 1 milliarc, the spot diameter can be as small as micro meters, and the action time can be as short as nano seconds and pico seconds.

6. The laser beam is easy to control, easy to VS precision machine, before things technology and electronic computers to over a high degree of auto mation and high processing data;

7. In harsh places , people are interesting, robots can be used for laser processing.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine safety-Nancy
fiber Handheld fiber laser welding machine safety-Amy


Laser processing is a non-contact processing, and the energy of the high-energy laser beam , and its moving speed are achange, so a lotof processing purposes can be.It has the following unique goodness:

①Using laser processing, high production efficiency, reliable quality and economic benefits.

② In environments or places ,Performed on the workpiece  performin  Various kinds of processing, the closed container through transparent media.

③There is no “tool” wear during laser processing, and no “cutting force” acts on the workpiece.

④It can process a variety of metals and non-metals, especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point.

⑤The laser beam is easy to guide and focus .

⑥ Non-contact processing, no direct impact on the workpiece.

⑦In the laser processing process, the laser beam has high energy density, fast working speed, and local processing.

⑧The divergence angle of the laser beam can be less than 1 milliarc, the spot diameter can be as small as microns, and the action time, can become short as nanoseconds and picoseconds.


Laser processing technology , it has been widely used in many fields ,and has a lot of advantages. Due to the small heat ,input to the workpiece, during processing,  the heat-affected zone and thermal deformation are small; but the processing efficiency is high, and it is easy to realize automation.


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