The advantage of XT W-series

The advantage of XT W-series


1.For the machine body:

For the machine body, the advantage of XT W-series, it use the new design plate welding machine body, dust remove will better than the before machine. And the machine body and control box separately.

2. Add the roller loading device:
This is the new function for the machine. It will help customers to upload the plate easier into the machine. Special for the open type machine. When you load the plate, the 4 rollers will up and then you can with the help of roller to remove the plate into the machine body.


3.Laser source put into the control box:

For the new design machine, we put the fiber laser source into the control box. It will better than put the laser source into the machine body. Why?

When you operate the machine, even the machine body is strong like XT LASER machine body, long time use will let the machine body a little shake, when the laser source put into the machine body, long time use will broke the laser source line. That is why we redesign to put the laser source into the control box.

The other thing is that in the hot weather place, like United Arab Emirates, the temperature is very hot. If your factory do not have air conditioner and the temperature is high. Most of our customers will add one air conditioner for the laser source and electric parts cooling.

When the laser source in the control box, then only need to add one air conditioner can make all parts cooling.

For the details like the air pipe and the electric pipe will have some update, it will help you to easy to check it.

One more thing, for the fiber laser cutting machine now we give you 3 years warranty for whole machine (Except easy wear parts and human factors)

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