fiber laser cutting machine software cutting system,how to choose-Jill

fiber laser cutting machine software cutting system

For China fiber laser cutting machine,there are many cutting system,here we introduce the most popular one.

1.For plate cutting

Now the most popular cutting sytem is Bochu Cypcut.

It also depends on the machine power.

If power is less than 1kw,it is Bochu Cypone,FSCUT1000.




When it is over 1kw,it is Bochu Cypcut,FSCUT2000.




If 8kw or over 8kw,it is Hypcut,FSCUT8000.



So,what file format does Cypcut and cypone support?

AI、DXF、PLT、Gerber、LXD (DXF、PLT most common)


2.For tube cutting

There are 2 kinds of machines.

1st,plate and pipe cutting machine.For this ,It is Cypcut FSCUT2000 &Cyptube FSCUT3000S.




2nd,pipe cutting machine.For this ,It is TubePro,FSCUT3000S.




So,what file format does it support?

Both of Cyptube and TubePro support IGS format.


3.FSCUT2000 whole set







4.Cypcut support language

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese.










5.Height controller

It can calibrate if the metal sheet flat or not, adjust it by control the cutting head up and down, sometimes, this controller is not appear in outside, just in the software.






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