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About The Laser Source

About the laser source

According to the working medium, lasers can divide into four categories: gas lasers, solid lasers, semiconductor lasers and dye lasers.

Free electron lasers have also been develop recently, and high-power lasers are usually pulse output.
What is the working substance of the laser? What is a laser working substance?
Laser working material refers to the material system used to realize the population inversion and generate the stimulat radiation amplification effect of light.

Sometimes it is also call the laser gain medium. They can be solid (crystal, glass), gas (atomic gas, ion gas) , Molecular gas), semiconductors and liquids.

The main requirement for the laser working material is to achieve a greater degree of population inversion between the specific energy levels of its working particles as much as possible,

and to keep this inversion as effectively as possible during the entire laser emission process;

For this reason, the working substance is require to have suitable energy level structure and transition characteristics.
Above, it can be seen that lasers have higher requirements for working media, which makes lasers difficult to manufacture and expensive.
The fiber lasers currently use in industrial fiber laser cutting machines use pulse output lasers for priming, so its components are more precise.

What is the pulsed output laser?
Pulsed output laser is generate by stimulat radiation, and the amplified light is the light amplification of stimulated radiation.

It is characterize by excellent monochromaticity, extremely small divergence, and high brightness (power).

Therefore, the brightness is different and the power is also different. The maximum power fiber laser cutting machine made by our company is 15KW.
The high integration and development of artificial intelligence has made the space for laser cutting machines to rise unprecedentedly.


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