What is laser cutting and what advantages does it bring to the cuts? – Alicia

What is laser cutting and what advantages does it bring to the cuts?

The laser cutting has already become an essential in the cutting sector. It is a type of solid-state laser used by pioneering machining companies to cut metal with high precision, speed, respect for the environment and energy savings. This type of laser is more cost effective than CO2 (and does not emit gases), and produces a very smooth cut, suitable for any metal.

Fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy
Fiber laser cutting machine

What are the advantages of the fiber laser?:

  • Stability: The laser source provide extremely high stability for up to 100,000 hours. In the case of fiber lasers, the fiber cable generates the beam of light. As in those that carry data from the internet, so it is very stable and easy to use.
  • Accuracy: The laser beam of the fiber laser cutting machine offers extremely low tolerance. Make it more productive and much more precise. The light beam generat and confined within the small core of the fiber so resulting in a very straight beam, which can be focused on a tiny spot. The smaller this point, the more effective the laser will be. Making it very useful for applications where high quality is required, such as notched furniture tubes or auto parts tubes.
  • Environmentally more sustainable: With proper settings, the photoelectric conversion rate of the fiber laser cutting is 3 times higher than other machines. A fiber laser converts around 70-80% of the energy it consumes. This means that in addition to being productive and precise, it is more respectful with the environment. As less energy is lost, which ends up being converted into heat that warms the atmosphere.
  • Lower maintenance cost: The fiber laser cutting machine does not require very high maintenance. So reducing costs and improving production efficiency.
  • Ease of use: The fiber laser cutting machine only needs the design of the cutting patterns on the computer, it does not need manual intervention on the machine in the cutting process. In addition, its greater stability in the cut makes it very easy to steer from the control system.

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