Common questions who interested in 60w JPT Laser Marking machine-Ivy

This is for some common questions who interested in 60w JPT Laser Marking machine.

1.your website says 60 jpt better than the 50 Raycus is this true ?

Yes,that is Ture.
2.And it cuts silver /gold better . Is this because of the extra 10 w ? Or better laser ?

JPT M7 series high power pulsed fiber lasers make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration, and show excellent laser performance as well as high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability. As compared to the Q-switching technology, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently in MOPA configuration, through adjusting different combination of the above parameters, the peak power of laser can be well maintained. And enable JPT laser suitable for more material processing which Q-switch limited. The higher output power makes its advantages especially in high speed marking applications.


For laser source,important are Maximum Pulse Energy,Pulse Repetition Rate Range and Pulse Duration,here is summary comparison of JPT and Raycus:

Raycus 50W JPT 60W M7
Pulse Energy 1mJ 1.5mJ
Pulse Repetition Rate Range 50-100 kHZ 1-4000 kHZ
Pulse Duration <130 ns 2-500 ns

3.What software comes with machine ? Ezcad ? Is this the name , not sure have seen talk of it on laser sites.

Yes,original EZCAD,support with win 7/8/10,64 bits.
4.How far is the lens from the lasered item ( focus distance) I need 450mm clearance -800 might be to big ?

If lens size is 100*100mm,focus length will be 195mm

If lens size is 200*200mm,focus length will be 330mm

So 800mm pillar is enough for you.
5.How many hours – 100 000 ?

Yes,laser source life 100000 hours,but based on customer feedback,you can use 7-8 years generally.
6.For deep laser it does your software rotate the hatching so you don’t get line (ugly background ?

For deep engraving,often using lower speed and higher power,after engraving,you can set lower power for cleaning,scan that background,later i will send you this demo software.
7.Does the preview light show the design outline or just a square box around the artwork?

Do you mean Indicate the position? You can set in software,click here:
8.Is the colour laser Int very slow ?

Yes,correct,this is real marking speed video FYI:

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