Which configuration should I choose for my welding machine? – Elena

There are 3 types of configurations available for welding machines:

  • Manual configuration
  • Semi-automatic configuration
  • Automatic configuration

The choice of configuration depends on:

  • Your production (small-scale or large?)
  • How you want to arrange your workstation

Manual welding machines

  • They are more compact than semi-automatic and automatic machines.
  • With manual or automatic doors.
  • The operator is in charge of the sequence of parts to be welded.
  • These machines are suitable for small-scale production.

Semi-automatic laser welding machines

  • They are larger than manual welding machines.
  • With turntables.
  • These machines are ideal for medium and large-scale production.

Automatic laser welding machines

  • These are the largest, but they are ideal for large-scale production.
  • They are robotized and automatically manage the positioning of the part under the laser source.
  • Human intervention is reduced, which relieves the operator.
  • The presence of an automatic loading and unloading station reduces downtime, so that they enable gains in productivity.
  • On the other hand, they are much more expensive.

What parameters should be checked?

Before using your laser welding machine, you will need to verify several parameters. Here are some common precautions to take to ensure that your welding operations are a success.

  • Adjust energy

    • It is important to adjust the energy appropriately in order to adapt the power to the process.
    • This will prevent energy waste.
  • Ensure that you have the correct beam diameter

    • The diameter affects the welding performance.
    • We recommend that you choose a laser beam with a diameter between 0.2 and 2 mm.
  • Check the pulse frequencies

    • Pulse frequencies that are too high result in pulse energies that are too low making the welding less efficient or even inefficient.
  • Monitor the waveform of laser pulses

    • We recommend that you change the waveform according to the metal you intend to weld.
    • If you use an inadequate waveform, you will lose 60% to 98% of the laser energy and your welding operation will fail.





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