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Fiber laser cutting machine purchase tips

In recent years, fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in metal, sheet metal and stainless steel processing industries. The technology of fiber laser cutting machine is also quite mature. It has a very large market share in the cutting industry. But for many customers, how to choose a fiber laser cutting machine suitable for cutting their own materials, there are still many problems. The following is about how to buy a fiber laser cutting machine correctly.
Choose a company with good reputation and strength.

The fiber laser cutting machine is a large-scale equipment. It needs to be cautious when purchasing. Choose several powerful manufacturers to communicate in the early stage. Later, you can go to the factory to inspect, for the price of the machine, the training of the machine. Detailed negotiation with payment methods and after-sales services.

Determain your own needs

To take into account their own business scope, what materials need to be cut, the thickness of the material and other factors. And then determine the power of the equipment and the size of the workbench. The current cutting power on the market from 500W ~8000W. And the size of the workbench can be optional according to customer needs.

 Go to the market or online to find out about the consultation

After determining your own needs, we can go to the market or online to find out about the consultation. You can also go to the peers who bought the cutting machine to first look at the performance and basic parameters of the machine, choose several strengths and prices are also favorable. The manufacturer first conducts the preliminary communication. In the later stage, it can conduct on-the-spot investigations, and more detailed talk about the price of the machine, payment method, and after-sales service.

 Choose right laser power of fiber laser cutting machine

When choosing the performance of the laser cutting machine, we should fully consider our own environment. The laser power is very important. For example, we often cut metal sheets below 6mm, then we can choose 500W-1000W laser cutting machine. To meet the needs of production, if you cut more than 6mm of material, we need to consider the machine with a larger power, which is very helpful for the cost control of the enterprise.

 Pay attention to important components of fiber laser cutting machine

Pay attention to the selection of some important components of the fiber laser cutting machine, especially the laser source, laser cutting head, servo motor, guide rail, water tank, etc. Distinguish whether it is domestic or imported. These components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Many domestic manufacturers use domestically produced fake accessories to deceive customers.

 Take after-sales service into account

The after-sales service of each producer is very different. In the after-sales service, the manufacturer should provide customers with effective daily maintenance programs, and have a professional training system to help customers. Solve problems as soon as possible.


No matter how good a laser cutting machine is, it will encounter various problems in the process of using the manufacturer. In the case of problems that the customer cannot solve, the manufacturer can provide the solution in time. Very important. This is also an important factor to consider when choosing a laser cutting machine.
The above is a summary of several purchase techniques for everyone. Hope it can be helpful. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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