How to ensure the safety of handheld welder?-Ivy

Hi,now Handheld welding machine gain more popular,power mainly have 1kw,1.5kw and 2kw,but some customers worried about the safety of the operation,so how to ensure the safety of handheld welder?

*Working methods

The system includes safety protection, and the laser will  work only when the clip and the welding gun contact with metal at the same time, which can protect the safety of the operator.

*High temperature resistant gloves​​​​​​​

When you use the machine,please wear gloves for double safe.

Also,Machine come with Goggles for eye protection,we consider every details for customers 🙂

And operator will be like this in the video:

Product Features

First,Environmental protection

In traditional argon arc welding, considerations such as arc radiation, metal fume, and harmful gases make recruitment

difficult. However,compared with fiber-optic handheld laser welding machines, it is easy to solve.

Second,Portable design

Besides,Because XTLASER’s handheld fiber laser welding machine uses the design of an integrated cabinet. Which integrates

lasers, cooling devices, software control, etc. And has the advantages of small footprint, convenient movement, and

powerful functions.

Then,More convenient for operation

As we know,Now hand-held welding, using a hand-held welding gun instead of a fixed light path, is more convenient to operate.

Also,The welding work piece has no deformation, no welding marks, and the welding is firm.

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