Application and type of UV fiber laser marking machine-June

Application and type of UV fiber laser marking machine

Application and type of UV fiber laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine belongs to the cold source laser of the laser marking machine. However, mainly used for ultra-fine marking, suitable for food, medical packaging materials, glass, plastic silicone and other coding, lettering.

Even though, the fiber laser marking machine mainly engraves metal and hard plastic, has high thermal effect, and has poor marking effect on heat-sensitive products such as film, UV silica gel and glass. Even the laser of 1064 nm wavelength is not absorb by these materials. This led to the development of UV laser marking equipment.

Application of UV laser marking machine

Firstly,UV laser marking machine mainly uses engraving non-metal, plastic, glass, film, silica gel, fruit and other heat-sensitive materials. In addition, ink and coating materials. The stripping effect is cleaner than the fiber, and the edges are neat and less burr. , no charring;

Second, widely used in mobile phone accessories industry, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics, fruit and other industries;

Thirdly, generally use computer control system, but can be combine with automate control system to achieve assembly line operations;

Fourth, the operating software is powerful, support automatic coding, print serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, automatic jump number, etc.;

Fifth, Marking software software can be compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software files, and supports input of many common graphic file formats such as PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP, JPG, etc.

Lastly, UV laser marking machine is easy to operate, low operating power consumption, especially suitable for ultra-fine marking.

Type of UV laser marking machine

Firstly,Ultraviolet laser source is a newly developing laser processing technology. Adidas Technology is one of the few manufacturers in China that has “UV laser marking machine”;

Secondly, the shape, UV laser marking machine 1.2W, Adidas use air-cooled technology, integrated design, small portable chassis, to maintain efficient heat dissipation and beautiful, but more than 3W UV laser marking machine, equipped with water cooling system , to create cabinet-type equipment, water-cooled external systems;

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