How to remove dust from fiber laser cutting machine-June

How to remove dust from fiber laser cutting machine

How to remove dust from fiber laser cutting machine
During the working process, the fiber laser cutting machine generates smoke, smoke and the like. Coupled with the long use of the equipment, it will inevitably accumulate some dust. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will shorten the service life of the equipment.

According to the experience, XT Laser has sorted out the following two common dust removal methods for your reference:
(Because the equipment is different, the specific cleaning method will also depend on the actual situation)

First, dry processing

It is a device for collecting soot for the cutting work platform. Moreover, the collected soot is directly send to the soot filter purification equipment. The soot generated by the cutting is basically formed below the work piece slit, so the suction-type negative pressure cutting platform has become a common soot trapping device.

In order to save equipment costs and improve the efficiency of the exhaust, only the area that is in the process of cutting. Therefore, the platform used for cutting is dividing into a uniform and close small area along the main guide rail of the cutting machine, and an air outlet is open beside the side. The suction port is divided into a side suction type moving suction port and a side wall valve type suction port of the vacuum chamber. Among them, the former has simple structure, reliable work, good dust removal effect and wide application.

How to remove dust from fiber laser cutting machine

Second, wet processing

In fact, it is a cutting platform for making a water bed, placing the workpiece in the water, cutting it under water or at a place close to the water surface, and using water to capture the smoke generated in the cutting, thereby achieving the effect of purifying the environment.

In addition, for the whole fiber laser cutting machine equipment, it consists of condensers, filters, dust-proof nets, etc. The relevant cleaning methods are as follows:

1, the cleaning method of the condenser

For fiber laser cutting machine systems, the best state of cooling capacity is the use of a condenser for cooling. It can instantly cool the processing material and the temperature of the equipment. The dust cleaning method is to remove the filter on both sides, clean it with detergent, then dry it again and rinse it.

2. Filter cleaning method

The name of the filter is known to be used to filter the waste generated by the laser cutting machine.

3. Cleaning method of dust net

The dust-proof net, in the processing of fiber laser cutting machine equipment, there will be a dust-proof device. That is, a dust-proof net. For its cleaning solution, the air spray gun is use to carry out a preliminary cleaning of the dust on the dust-proof net surface, and then cleaned with a neutral detergent. Remembering that it must be neutral, otherwise it is easy to chemically react and cause corrosion