Laser cutting machine application in sheet metal processing industry-June

Laser cutting machine application in sheet metal processing industry

Laser cutting machine application in sheet metal processing industry.

In recent years, the position of the sheet metal industry in the market has become more and more important,

and almost all metal manufacturing industries use sheet metal processing.

At present, China’s  laser cutting technology has begun to take shape.

The application and assistance of advanced laser cutting  combine with sheet metal processing.

It will become the key to improving the overall technological progress of the domestic automotive industry.

Laser cutting technology is accompanied by the sheet metal industry.

The development and development of automotive parts and automotive body molding is the focus of laser cutting applications.

Sheet metal processing that occupies one-third of the world’s metal processing. Its wide range of applications, almost in all walks of life.
The cutting process of fine sheet metal (thickness of metal sheet is less than 6mm) is nothing more than plasma cutting, flame cutting, shearing machine, stamping, etc.
In addition, laser cutting has emerged in recent years and has flourished.
Laser cutting is highly efficient, high energy density and soft, making it the best choice for the sheet metal cutting industry in terms of accuracy, speed and efficiency.
In a sense, laser cutting machines have brought about a technological revolution for sheet metal processing.

The reason why sheet metal processing use laser cutting machine


As a sophisticated machining method, laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal sheets.
The laser  cutting machine can focus a very small spot, such as the processing of fine slits and micro-holes.
In addition, it does not require a tool for machining, and it is non-contact machining without mechanical machining deformation.
Moreover, some traditionally difficult to cut or cut the quality of the sheet material, encountered the problem of laser cutting can be described as a solution. Especially for the cutting of some carbon steel, laser cutting is an unshakable position.