Tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine

Tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine.

Tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine

In the metal cutting processing field, there are so many customers not only cut metal plate,but also cut tube.

Then the combined tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine appeared.

When does the laser lose its accuracy

(I get news from people that the machines which are imported from China lost its accuracy in two years) as soon as warranty got over.

Why some machine will be lose the accuracy? cause they use the cast iron machine bed or square tube welding machine bed.
But as we told you,we do not use the cast iron machine bed,one of the reason is the accuracy losing.

We use the thick plate welding machine bed:

This kind of machine bed has strongly reasonable structure, it is produced by relief annealing, so the whole structure is very firm and hard to be deformed.

For thick plate welding machine bed, inside the metal plates are solid. So, even after long time of running, it will still remain stable.

After long time of using , some screws may become loose, but do not worry. Because you just make screws more tight, that is all.No need worry about loose screws.

We have removed the internal stress of the metal after the welding of the machine bed.

the machine bed has been on high temperature quenching.(cause some suppliers use the CNC machine bed,do not with this step,the machine bed will be not stable for the fiber laser cutting)

We have 3 years warranty for the machine,so you also do not worry about that,in the warranty period,we also guarantee the machine bed accuracy.

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