1kw laser welding machine-Wilson

1kw laser welding machine

1kw laser welding machine.

From last year,the laser welding machine is more and more popular~~Especially the handheld laser welding machine.

It is easy to operate,the welding edge is smooth,mostly no need second processing.And you can use hand to control the welding speed,angle,etc.

Why the handheld laser welding machine is so popular?

Firstly,simple operation.

The laser welding machine only include the laser source,laser welding head,water chiller,operation system.

There are several buttons on the machine,laser source switch,power supply switch,system switch,water chiller button.

And on the system screen,some parameters here should be adjusted.

For different material and thickness,the welding parameters are different.It mainly to adjust the PWM duty cycle,PWM frequency,laser power.Also need to find the correct focus on the welding head.

Before shipping,we will test the machine,and save some parameters on system,when you get machine,you can weld it and learn it from the system parameters.Also we have the parameters list,when you get machine,will also reach you.

Secondly,Great welding effect.

The fiber laser welding machine has the small spot,small welds and small deformation.

Thirdly,running cost is lower.

Only need electrical consumption and little gas,Nitrogen is okay.

And comparing with YAG welding machine,the photoelectric conversion rate is higher.Means you can pay few money on electrical fees.

Finally,No need maintenance.

Only need to change the protective lens and nozzles after using a period.

The cost of the laser welding machine also going down~~

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