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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Operating Procedures

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Operating Procedures.

Laser cutting machine is an important equipment for sheet metal processing. And the correct use of laser cutting machine is also an important prerequisite to improve its service life. Therefore, after purchasing the machine, we must master the standard and standardized machine operation procedures and methods. To reduce the failure rate To improve the service life, we will introduce the standard and standardized operation process of laser cutting machine for everyone.

Firstly, strictly follow the rules, follow the principles of power on, power off, etc. Do not force the power off or on.

Secondly, employees can not operate the machine without training. Only after complete training can they operate on the machine.

Third, during the work of the laser cutting machine, outsiders must not approach the operation table and console. And the core operation must be completed by professional personnel.

Fourth, mediate the machine’s optical path and mediate the cutting head under the follow-up method, forcing accurate control procedures to ensure human and machine safety.

Fifth, every time you turn on the machine, you must return to the reference point, check and handle the focusing lens, calibrate the coaxiality of the beam nozzle, open the cutting auxiliary gas, and the pressure in the bottle should not be lower than 1Mpa.

Sixth, check the external light path protection gas, cold road cabinet, cooling river road, air compressor, cold dryer, and drain the accumulated water of the filter once a week.

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