High power fiber laser cutter-Wilson

High power fiber laser cutter

High power fiber laser cutter

The fiber laser cutting machine uses the international advanced fiber laser to output a high-energy density laser beam and focuses on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area illuminated by the ultra-fine focal spot on the workpiece instantly melts and vaporizes.And realize automatic cutting.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features

Firstly. Low cost, the laser consumes only 6-9 degrees per hour; can blow air to cut various metal plates;
Secondly. High performance, imported original packaged fiber laser with stable performance and service life of more than 100,000 hours;
Thirdly, high speed, high efficiency, cutting sheet can reach tens of meters per minute;
Fourthly. The laser is maintenance-free;
5.The cutting edge is of good quality, small deformation, flat and beautiful appearance;
6. Adopt imported guide conveyor and servo motor, high cutting accuracy;
7, can design various graphics or text to cut at will, simple operation, flexible and convenient.

XTLASER Laser Service Code

pre-sale service
Provide considerable technical guidance and complete equipment information according to customer needs; answer various questions from customers, assist customers or design laser processing solutions for customers from technical feasibility considerations; provide equipment showrooms for customers to visit, inspect, proof, and test machine.

Sale service
Conduct on-site inspections of customers’ machine use sites, and assist users in planning and designing production sites, water, electricity, and gas equipment according to the actual conditions of the site. Provide customers with a complete set of equipment operation manuals, provide free training for users of equipment operators; train the user’s equipment operators on basic laser theory, safety protection and equipment maintenance before delivery.

After sales service
In the user factory, the user’s equipment operators are trained in actual processing operations, equipment daily maintenance and safety operations to ensure that users can operate equipment and procedures as soon as possible,

and can independently use equipment for production. After the entire set of equipment is installed and debugged at the user’s site, it will be guaranteed for one year free of charge from the date of acceptance by the user. During the warranty period,

the company will also randomly assign engineering and technical personnel to work on user equipment to conduct technical patrols, conduct routine maintenance and inspection of the equipment, and answer questions raised by users.

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