XT LASER 2022 Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show(SIMTOS) come to an end

2022 Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show(SIMTOS) was grandly held in Seoul Korea International Exhibition Center from 23 to 27 May 2022. This exhibition brings together top technology companies in the machine tool, laser and other industries, and the on-site customers are endless. XT LASER brought the latest high-power, large-size, and enclosed laser cutting machine to the exhibition. At the same time, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines and other popular equipment were also exhibited, which amazed the audience.

High quality, well-known to the world. The laser equipment exhibited by XT LASER at this exhibition was favored by customers, all were sold, and a group of new customer fans were obtained. We look forward to reaching cooperation in the future. XT LASER, as a professional laser industry solution provider, will continue to serve customers around the world, providing you with better laser equipment and better customer service.

The 2022 SIMTOS is hosted by the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association(KOMMA), and has received strong support from the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology, the Korea Trade Association and many other institutions. SIMTOS has been continuously rated as a “Brand Exhibition” by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and a “Prospective Growth Exhibition” in Gyeonggi-do.

As the only world-renowned machine tool exhibition in Korea, it leads the development trend of the world machine tool industry. Well-known companies from all over the world came as scheduled, communicated with each other, learned from each other, and created a laser industry event with high-quality products and high-end technology.

XT LASER brought you a variety of laser equipment, all are high-end hot selling equipment that has been tested by the market. There are 10000W laser cutting machine with “equipment stability + cutting stability + one-shot molding”. There are also laser welding machines which are easy to operate and and with stable effect and laser cleaning machines with precise cleaning, environmental protection and high efficiency, etc. The products are excellent. it can meet the various needs of various customers for laser equipment, and can be customized one-to-one according to customer needs.

High-end equipment, with a majestic interior

National 10kw+ fiber laser cutter, made by XT LASER! XT LASER GP series high-power fully enclosed large-size 10kw+ laser cutting machines have become the first choice for high-power laser cutting due to the advantages of high configuration, fast speed, high efficiency, high stability and high cutting ability. The fully enclosed structure is matched with a dust removal system to make production more environmentally friendly. With high-definition cameras, intuitive processing, safe operation, and controllable processes can be achieved. The 10kw+ laser cutting machine breaks the thickness limit of metal material cutting and will surely become the mainstream model in the sheet metal processing industry.

XT LASER handheld welding machine: simple and easy to operate, no deformation of welding seam, stable laser output, ensuring welding consistency. After the laser is focused, the power density is high, the speed is fast, the depth is large, and the deformation is small, ensuring 360-degree micro-welding without dead ends. The welding process is beautiful, breaking through the limitations of the original workbench, suitable for all kinds of complex welds, easy to weld any part of the workpiece at any angle, humanized design and technology upgrade, can weld beautiful welds. XT LASER laser welding machines are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and the technology and functions have high social recognition.

Staying True to Our Original Aspiration and Forge Ahead

Recent years, XT LASER has continuously increased the investment in technology research and development and product innovation, only to develop efficient equipment that better meets the needs of users to help intelligent manufacturing. Especially the XT LASER 10KW+ series has become a magic weapon to promote traditional manufacturing enterprises to achieve quality and efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading, green and intelligent development.

XT LASER brought a variety of hot selling laser products to the SIMTOS, created extraordinary quality with exquisite craftsmanship, and used high-quality products to repay the trust and support of our customers. XT LASER has been practicing the great mission of making laser technology change human life, always focusing on users, and constantly making breakthroughs in the direction of precision, intelligence and high-efficiency metal processing.

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