Why use auxiliary gas in metal laser cutting?-Flora

Why use auxiliary gas in metal laser cutting?

The use of auxiliary gas in metal cutting has benefits as following:

Auxiliary gases on metal laser cutting cost-Flora
Auxiliary gases on metal laser cutting cost-Flora
  1. Blow away the slags in the coaxial kerf;
  2. Cool the surface of the processed metals and reduce the heat affected zone;
  3. Cool the focusing lens, prevent the dust from entering the lens holder.
  4. Contaminating the lens, and keep the lens from overheat;
  5. Some cutting gas can also protect the base metal.

Influences of auxiliary gases on metal laser cutting

First, let’s take a look at the metal laser cutting process.

The laser generated by the vibrator passes through the lens and gathered at a point to form very tiny light spots.

By precise control the distance between the lens and metal sheet.

Ensure the light spots is stable in the direction of the material thickness.

At this time, due to the convergence effect of the lens, the light spots gather laser energy with large power density.

Usually, the power density can reach 106-109W/cm2.

The metal absorbs the spot energy and melts at once.

The use of auxiliary gas can blow the molten fluid metal away from the processed sheet and complete the cutting process.

During the whole cutting process, the auxiliary gas mainly works as the driving force to remove the metal fluid away from the sheet. Different gases have different influences on the processed metal sheet and cutting section.

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