Auxiliary gases on metal laser cutting cost-Flora

Auxiliary gases on metal laser cutting cost

It will add metal laser cutting cost.

Auxiliary gases on metal laser cutting cost-Flora
Auxiliary gases on metal laser cutting cost-Flora

Firstly, Let’s take a 1.5 mm thick 304 stainless steel as an example.

As a result, to analyze the cutting cost when air and nitrogen, respectively, as shown in Table 1.

The model used in the comparison is the latest generation of fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a self-developed fiber laser oscillator.

Table 1 Comparison of Cutting Costs

Item SS304-1.5 SS304-1.5
Processing speed(mm/min) 35000 35000
Auxiliary gas type Air N2
Air pressure (MPa) 0.80 0.80
Auxiliary gas flow (NL/min) 296.7 296.7
Processing time per meter(sect) 1.7 1.7
Electricity cost(Yuan/Hr) 14.675 14.675
Air compressor Electricity cost (Yuan/Hr) 12.25 5.25
Auxiliary gas cost (Yuan/Hr) 0 15.347
Subtotal (Yuan/Hr) 26.9.25 35.272
Electricity cost (Yuan/m) 0.012 0.012
Air compressor Electricity cost (Yuan/m) 0.006 0.002
Auxiliary gas cost (Yuan/m) 0 0.015
Total (Yuan/m) 0.018 0.029


The electric charge is 1 Yuan/kW. The N2 cost: 1.5 yuan.


when cutting with air, the power consumption of the air compressor is calculated according to the constant screw air compressor of 17.5kW, 1.26MPa and 2.3m3/min

When cutting with N2, the air compressor is still required to supply air to the machine, thus it will also generate electricity cost.

In conclusion, Choosing wisely means considering the application from setup to finished piece.

In the operating instructions, the use of different models of cutting machines There are detailed instructions for the adjustment and adjustment. At the same time, the person in charge of the company can also explain in detail the use of this machinery and equipment. Only by focusing on the quality of employees and the cultivation of personal skills can the factory establish an elite team, such an elite team. Can help people and create more economic benefits.

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