Why more and more customers choose high power laser cutting machine-Jessica

Hello Everyone , this is Jesscia from XT Laser company , today i will tell u why more and more customers choose high power laser cutting machine.

Global marketing feedback: more and more clients prefer to choose higher laser power to cut metal plates, 1kw & 1.5kw demand are decreasing gradually .

Mainly reason: 1.  2kw and more than 2kw laser machine price is going down 2.more clients focus on cutting efficiency, higher power can get faster cutting speed, higher production volume,making more profit.


Another groups of clients, who bought 500w , 750w laser machine before 2017, nowadays, more of them are updating their laser power into 2kw or more than 2kw .

This trend also accelerate the speed of Higher Laser Power Changing.


The customer who are so experienced on laser cutting industry, so you must know higher power laser machine’s rejection rate is much more lower then low power laser, especially when cut thick plate. Altough higher power laser cutting machine price is little higher, it can save so many plates for us and reduce the production cost and wasteage. One USA fabricator who buy our 6000w machine said that he recover the extra laser machine cost within 2 years only. Really happy to buy higher power, not lower one.

Please feel free to contact me in time , if u have any intersting in our high power laser cutting machine.


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