News:2KW laser cutting machine as the starting point for purchase-Jessica

Hello Everyone , this is Jessica from XT LASER company , today ,i will tell u one news , now 2KW laser cutting machine as the starting point for purchase.

Considering aftersales , as Raycus, IPG or Max .etc laser source provider, in 2nd half of 2020, has anounced that they will reduce production volume of 1kw and 1.5kw , especially 1kw .

Reason: 1. Market demand down sharply  2. Production cost is high always, not profit space

So if clients’ 1kw or 1.5kw laser source have problem in near future, it will be difficult to get a new spare parts of laser source, maybe they can only get some retreading parts, or even they can get a new parts, but need to wait longer time than before. It is not good for clients production line.

So , let’s choose the laser cutting from 2kw or more higher power.


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