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Why is the 12kw laser cutter so popular?

Why is the 12kw laser cutter so popular?
     Why is the 12kw laser cutter so popular?

More and more manufacturers choose 12kw fiber laser cutter. Why is the 12kw lasre cutter so popular?

Since the fiber laser entered the application market, it has quickly occupied a large market share by virtue of its advantages such as good beam quality, high processing efficiency, and low operation and maintenance costs. After years of development, the fiber laser cutting market has become more mature, and new processes and new technologies have been continuously derived. It is especially obvious that the application power is getting higher and higher. At present, the power range of more than 10,000 watts has become the main battlefield of fiber laser manufacturers. And both equipment manufacturers and laser manufacturers are engaged in fierce competition here.

From the point of view of cutting speed, cutting 8mm stainless steel, the speed of 6kW is nearly 400% higher than that of 3kW laser cutting machine. When cutting 20mm thick stainless steel, the speed of 12kW is 114% higher than that of 10kW! It is conceivable that the speed of 40KW will increase by a higher percentage!

In terms of cutting thickness, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine has increased the cutting thickness of stainless steel to 80mm.
From the perspective of economic benefits, the price of a 10,000-watt laser cutting machine is less than 40% higher than that of a 6kW machine tool, but the output efficiency per unit time is more than twice that of a 6kW machine, and it saves money. Less manpower! At the same time, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine can achieve fast bright surface cutting of 18-20mm/s in the cutting application of carbon steel, which is twice the ordinary standard cutting speed!

Market demand has led many companies to enter the 10,000-watt laser market and produce corresponding 10,000-watt laser cutting machines. However, not all companies have the strength to produce laser equipment with “consistent quality and excellent quality”. The market is like a big wave. The only ones are fine products.


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