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How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine

What are the reasons for the power drop of the laser cutting machine?

How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in many industries such as aviation industry, electronics industry,

automobile industry and craft gifts. But how to choose a suitable and good fiber laser cutting machine is a problem.

Today we will introduce five tips to help you find the most suitable fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Specific use

We need to know the specific thickness of the metal material cut by this machine.

For example, when cutting thin metal materials, a laser with a power of about 1000W must be selected.

If you want to cut thicker metal materials, then the power of 1000W is obviously not enough.

It is best to choose a fiber laser cutting machine with 2000w-3000w laser. The thicker the cut, the better the power.

2. Software system

Also pay attention to the software system of the cutting machine, because this is like the brain of the cutting machine, which is a control software.

Only a powerful system can make your cutting machine more durable.

3. Optical equipment

Optical equipment should also be considered. For optical equipment, wavelength is the main consideration.

It is important to pay attention to whether to use a half mirror, a total reflection mirror or a refractor, so that you can choose a more professional cutting head.

4, consumables

Of course, the consumables of the cutting machine are also very important. As we all know, laser is one of the core accessories of fiber laser cutting machine.

Therefore, you must choose a big brand to have quality assurance and at the same time ensure the quality of processing.



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