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Why does the fiber laser cutting machine tool need to be tempered twice?

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A good fiber laser cutting machine cannot do without high-quality machine tool bed castings. There are no cheap and high-quality castings on the market, and the raw materials themselves are expensive. The bed body is equivalent to a human skeleton body. Even if our internal parts are good, without a strong and powerful body support, we cannot fully perform our own performance; Currently, there are some low-cost manufacturers in China that sacrifice the material of bed castings and reduce tempering times to achieve cost reduction when the accessories are the same. You can see that the parameters and accessory brands of fiber laser cutting machines at the same price are the same, and they make them cheap. You think they have high cost-effectiveness, but I don’t know if you will encounter problems in the actual use process after buying them back. The positioning accuracy is very good at the beginning, After a few days of work, I found that there were several threads changed. I wondered if my processing technology was arranged at the wrong time, but I didn’t know that the bed was not awesome because we didn’t know the importance of the bed. In order to ensure the accuracy, customers always asked the manufacturer to adjust it, dismantle it, install it, and start again every week; After one to two years, accuracy can no longer be guaranteed through reinstallation and adjustment, and has completely become a high configuration and low productivity machine tool equipment. The reason why accuracy cannot be maintained is because the quality of machine tool castings is too poor.

The accuracy guarantee of a good fiber laser cutting machine depends not only on the screw, servo motor, and system, but also on the quality of the casting. It is necessary to ensure high strength, rigidity, and stability in order to achieve accuracy guarantee in actual machining centers! Without strong support from the bed, even the best configuration is nonsense!

The bed castings are not only finely tuned in materials, but also have great attention to tempering. They are the key to ensuring that the fiber laser cutting machine can withstand cutting torque and dispersed vibration power. Nowadays, some fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers have launched products to save costs, most of which are semi-finished products that have not been fully backfired. Simply put, I also temper them, but they stop after one tempering or a good surface treatment, The internal stress and incomplete stress have not been effectively eliminated before they are delivered to the customer. The real tempering needs to be analyzed and studied according to the size of the casting and Strength of materials. It is only possible to do the correct tempering aging treatment to meet the mechanical property requirements of the material, but this process is very power consuming. Large tempering kilns are electric tigers, and ordinary small enterprises cannot afford it, let alone let them temper twice. Why do Japanese and German machine tools still have good accuracy after ten years of use? The contribution of castings is significant, and these manufacturers are very diligent in purchasing castings. Many of the casting procurement personnel are senior professionals in the casting industry or have received profound education in the casting industry. Therefore, in terms of quality control and performance requirements, they are naturally much lower than the so-called cost-effectiveness pursued by the domestic market. However, they all won at the starting line in the beginning!

In short, in order to have a high-precision fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to have good castings, which is the foundation of everything. Even with a good spindle, screw, guide rail, and top-level assembly, it cannot guarantee that it will become a waste machine with poor accuracy in two years, and even manufacturers who sell second-hand fiber laser cutting machines will not accept it. As the saying goes, buying a fiber laser cutting machine must depend on the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, not just on the paper parameters. Cheap goods are not good, and good goods are not cheap. This is fully reflected in the fiber laser cutting machine industry!