Which brand is better for imported or domestic fiber laser cutting machines?

XT Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Our generation is influenced by the growth environment and national development process, and many still have a good stereotype of imported equipment. Of course, in the fiber laser cutting machine industry, it is no exception. There are still many customers who have the idea that imported fiber laser cutting machines are superior to domestic fiber laser cutting machines. Today, we will not talk about worshiping foreign countries and patriotism, but only objectively discuss the differences and representative brands between imported and domestic fiber laser cutting machines.

1. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Technology

Nowadays, the technology of domestic fiber laser cutting machines is very mature, and fiber laser cutting machines are mainly composed of laser systems, control systems, cooling systems, etc; From a technical perspective, regardless of whether it is imported or domestically produced, as long as the brand that carefully produces the product can produce fiber laser cutting machines that meet different requirements, and achieve continuous and stable cutting accuracy, stable equipment operation is the key to quality.

2. Price of fiber laser cutting machine equipment

I believe that customers who have learned about the price of fiber laser cutting machines know that imported fiber laser cutting machines are expensive, with prices ranging from several hundred thousand to one or two million. But it should be noted that these prices are not only for the product itself, but also for tariffs, high transportation costs, and management costs. Some imported brands are actually produced in domestic free trade zones. The price of imports is not user-friendly, but there are always big shots who can afford it. As long as they are willing to pay for these, there is no problem. In contrast, domestic brands have a price advantage. For fiber laser cutting machines of the same specification, high-end domestic brands only sell for 40-50% of the imported price, represented by XTlaser.

3. Manufacturer/brand of fiber laser cutting machine

With the rapid development of internet technology, we are always accustomed to searching online for manufacturers/brands of fiber laser cutting machines, but the platforms that “select and display” manufacturers for us are not equal to good manufacturers. Faced with hundreds and thousands of manufacturers, it is still easy to conduct on-site inspections in China. If imported brands want to conduct inspections, they need to put in more effort. Don’t think that all imported brands are good, as imported brands are actually a mix of good and bad. Whether you want to buy an imported fiber laser cutting machine or a domestic fiber laser cutting machine, it is recommended to buy a well-known brand.

4. After sales service for fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers

With the increasing awareness of social rights protection and changes in consumer attitudes, users no longer only focus on the product itself when purchasing fiber laser cutting machines. In situations where product quality and performance are similar, they are more willing to choose fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers with high-quality after-sales service. Imported manufacturers also provide after-sales service, but the cost of such after-sales service is very high, with poor timeliness and high maintenance costs. Domestic manufacturers have an absolute advantage in this regard. If there are any problems, we can easily and quickly find manufacturers to repair them. Compared to imports, the price of accessories, labor costs, and transportation costs are much cheaper.

Finally, we call on everyone not to use the “origin” of imported and domestically produced fiber laser cutting machines to distinguish between good and bad. As the saying goes, “regardless of white or black cats, those who can catch mice are good cats.” When purchasing fiber laser cutting machine equipment, please pay more attention to product quality; If you want high cost-effectiveness, it is recommended to choose a domestic high-end fiber laser cutting machine brand; If you only look at the price, no matter what price range you want, there will always be manufacturers who can do it without any accidents.

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