What is the reason why the protective lens of the laser cutting machine always burns out? How to deal with it?- XT LASER Annie

1.First of all, what is the function of the protective mirror?

The protective lens is a very important precision component in the optical path system of the laser cutting machine. The laser cutting head will gather a lot of energy during processing. In order to block dust and slag splashing and protect the internal optical path and core components of the laser cutting head, the laser cutting head needs to be installed and protected. Lens, effectively protect the laser cutting head from damage.
2.What are the reasons for the burnout of the protective lens and how to solve it?

Try to choose a protective lens that corresponds to the laser power, the quality must be good, and don't be greedy for cheap.

Check whether it is caused by slag return. If there are many holes in the workpiece, change the parameter to short distance without closing the gas.

Check whether there is dust in the pipe, clean all the lenses in the cutting head, then put a dust-free cloth on the pipe, turn on the air pressure for a while, and blow the dust as much as possible.

Check whether the surface of the cutting workpiece is flat and whether there is deformation.

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