What is the general price of fiber laser cutting machine

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There are many kinds of fiber laser cutting machine, such as interactive, single table, tube cutting, plate and tube integration, three-dimensional, precision cutting, etc. Some people like single table because of cost-effective, some people like interactive because of the high degree of automation and safety, and some people like to customize the automatic loading and unloading of automated production lines. That new day editorial today to talk to you about fiber laser cutting machine price is generally how much and fiber laser cutting machine cleaning and maintenance methods, we quickly come to understand it!
First, the fiber laser cutting machine price
How much is the price of fiber laser cutting machine?
In fact, the price of fiber laser cutting machine is also affected by the brand, working width, configuration, these different prices are absolutely different. The average price of an ordinary fiber laser cutting machine is about forty to six hundred thousand yuan, most people can accept, but the high configuration may have to reach millions of dollars, for the limited budget customers may not be the first choice, in addition to the low and medium power is generally lower than the high power price to buy.
Second, how to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine
Fiber laser cutting machine is a large-scale equipment, the price is also relatively high, we bought the equipment should be often after its maintenance in order to extend its service life, the following are some of the daily maintenance skills.
1, timely adjustment of water temperature
In order to prevent the laser dew phenomenon, should be based on the seasonal temperature and air humidity, timely adjustment of the cooling water temperature of the water cooler and laser protection room temperature and humidity, winter in the water tank must add antifreeze to prevent the water pipe icing and solidification.
2, protective lenses daily cleaning
Because in the whole fiber laser cutting machine components, the most important parts is the cutting head, every day after the power on should check whether the protective lenses are contaminated, whether the nozzle is clogged, whether the center of the beam is shifted.
3, equipment inside and outside the dust treatment
As the laser cutting machine in the cutting will directly vaporize the metal surface, so the surface and inside the cutting machine will often produce a lot of dust, including cutting some of the waste generated by the debris. Regularly clean the appearance of the cutting head in addition to dust, dust cover and guide rail on the removal of debris.
4、Lubrication of parts
We need to regularly lubricate the rack and pinion, guide rails and screws and other transmission components, so that they can ensure that the gears in the operation of the bite is very accurate, the operation of the equipment is in the normal operation of the track, cut out the product precision is also higher.

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