Can fiber laser cutting machine cut laminated metal?

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Fiber laser cutting machine is used for cutting metal materials, but the actual production of many coated metal materials want to maintain the integrity of its need for special treatment, otherwise in the many transit project will easily appear scratches, for the material requirements of higher processing parts, such a problem is very tricky, so there will be a lot of metal materials have coated the situation, fiber laser cutting machine can cut coated metal Can fiber laser cutting machine cut coated metal?
Metal lamination can guarantee that as little as possible in the transit process of friction damage to raw materials, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc., the sale of these products for its own appearance is very important, scratches are not permitted, which produces a higher demand for laser cutting machine to cut the metal, the laser cutting machine can cut the metal lamination?
In fact, fiber laser cutting machine can cut laminated metal, we can next look at the fiber laser cutting machine cutting laminated metal operation process in detail.
Laser cutting machine to cut laminated metal sheet first to do the cutting of the film, the side of the film facing up, the first film cutting, in the film cutting is completed and then cut the metal sheet, so that the two processing can effectively protect the quality of the material. The size of the laser tube needs to be selected according to the characteristics of the type and thickness of our sheet metal.
So, why don’t we put the laminating layer downwards, so that we can avoid the damage of the working platform to the material and finish the cutting in one go?
Why is this necessary? Here we give you an explanation, if the laminating side of the film is facing down, due to the thermal influence, the residue spattered when the laser cuts the metal material will be adhered to the top of the film, which has a great impact on the quality of the finished product, although there is a certain advantage in speed, but the yield is low and the product quality is poor, so it is recommended that the laminating film be cut before cutting the metal sheet.
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