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What benefits will a good cutting process bring to users

Why high-power laser cutting machine is popular?

What benefits will a good cutting process bring to users

If a laser cutting machine wants to cut with good quality and high efficiency, in addition to its own quality, it is also relate to the cutting process.

At present, laser engineers have develop a variety of cutting processes,

aiming to provide customers with high-efficiency and high-efficiency fiber laser cutting machines.

Some laser companies have specially develop laser processes that meet their equipment to ensure that their company’s equipment can occupy more Market and get good profits.

Now let’s briefly talk about the benefits of a good cutting machine process from the laser coedge cutting process!

A company produces parts with straight lines and the same angle all the year round.

At the beginning of using the laser cutting machine, it did not consider the need for a co-variable cutting process for cutting.

Due to industrial upgrading, the company exchanged the laser cutting machine for purchase.

XT LASER Laser’s fiber laser cutting machine was select because our equipment has a common edge cutting process,

which can not only meet daily production needs but also save a lot of time.

Laser coedge cutting means that if the parts to be cut are adjacent, the contours are straight, and the angles are the same,

then they can be combine into a straight line. At this time, the laser equipment only needs to cut once to achieve the purpose (the parts are not require).

The shape is rectangular). The laser coedge cutting process can reduce the cutting length and significantly improve the processing efficiency.

It not only saves cutting time, but also reduces the number of perforations, and the increase in benefits is very obvious.


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