200W fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

200W fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

200W fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Here 200W fiber laser cleaning machine will introduce to you.

Machine operation video share with you: https://youtu.be/WrvmTgsBY7I

Application industries:

Shipbuilding, auto parts, rubber abrasives, high-end machine tools, tire molds, rails, environmental protection industry, weapon equipment industry, nuclear bomb industry and others.

It can use for oil removal, paint removal, rust removal, Oxide layer removal etc.

Machine working videos share with you:

Firstly, https://youtu.be/FzuTC4LbKsY

Secondly, https://youtu.be/KOSvWmGRJa0

Thirdly, https://youtu.be/7UIYJ4m3QDI

Fourthly, https://youtu.be/nS9Wa9IhOb4

Fifthly, https://youtu.be/1bg0JRBtkSA

Sixthly, https://youtu.be/JQyRCu900K0

So hope above info let you know more about the machine.

200W fiber laser cleaning machine-Nancy

Fiber laser cleaning advantages:

Firstly, The basic cleaning method is generally full capacity grid cleaning.

Which has mechanical and equipment interaction on the surface of the cleaned object.

Which may damage the surface of the object or the cleaning substance adheres to the surface of the object to be cleaned, and it cannot remove.

May cause secondary pollution.

The non-grinding and non-contact measurement characteristics of laser cleaning are not easy to cause secondary pollution during cleaning.

Secondly, Laser cleaning is a very environmentally friendly cleaning method.

There is no need to apply all organic chemicals and cleaning fluids during cleaning, and the cleaned waste is generally solid powder, and can purchase, and can process by organic chemical cleaning.

Ecological and environmental issues.

Thirdly, Laser cleaning can eliminate many types of contaminants on the surface of various raw materials.

And the cleanliness is very high, and it can clean the contaminants on the surface of the raw materials without damaging the surface of the raw materials.

Fourthly, The laser can transmit laser welding based on optical fiber, cooperate with robots and intelligent robots.

And complete long-distance practical operations more conveniently, and can clean areas that cannot achieve by traditional methods.

Fifthly, The cleaning system software of the laser cleaning machine can be applied steadily for a long time, and the application cost is extremely low.

Sixthly, Laser cleaning is very efficient, and it can save time and effort to clean contaminants.

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